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Born in Dublin, Eamonn Andrews began sports commentating for Radio Éireann in 1939 and subsequently worked on various programmes for BBC Radio, including 'Sports Report' between 1950 and 1962.

On television he hosted the BBC's parlour game 'What's My Line?' (1951 - 1963), 'Crackerjack' (1955 - 1964), ABC Television's 'World Of Sport' (1965 - 1968) and 'This is Your Life' until his death in 1987.

He joined Thames Television from ABC in 1968 and was the first anchor of its nightly news magazine programme 'Today' until 1977. At the same time, he was active as a chat show host and children's programmes presenter, as well as being a keen businessman.
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Felicity started in radio in 1991; in 1994, she went freelance as a journalist, offering her services to various TV and radio companies.

In 1996, she moved to Meridian TV, where she was a sports reporter and presenter, fronting the sports news on 'Meridian Tonight. She also presented the local football programme there - 'A406'.

In 1999, she moved to London and became a presenter and reporter with 'London Tonight'.

Felicity joined ITV News in June 2001, starting as a sports correspondent. She later became a regular sports news presenter. Felicity also presented on the ITV News Channel and fronted ITV News bulletins on an occasional basis.

From September 2006, Felicity has been an anchor on Al Jazeera International.

TSW's head of sport, who presented the sports segment on TSW's evening news magazine programmes, and also fronted TSW 'Newsport' on a Saturday afternoon. Pete was also a regular presenter on DevonAir Radio. He is now a regular presenter on Sky Sports.
Paul is a sports presenter on 'Meridian Tonight'.
A long serving presenter with BBC Northern Ireland. John regularly fronted BBC NI's 'Sportsnight' opt-outs in the late-1980s and early-1990s, as well as fronting other programmes including 'Children In Need'. He is best known for his morning radio show on BBC Radio Ulster which he has presented since the 1980s.
Dovonan's first journalism job was with Jarrolds Press Agency in Ipswitch in 1988. He later moved to Suffolk County Council where he was Press Officer and then in 1996, he crossed into broadcasting with a position as sports producer and later news editor at SGR FM in Ipswitch.

In June 2000, Donovan joined the 'Anglia News' sports team, working mainly as a reporter and production journalist; however, since 2005, he has been a regular sports presenter on 'Anglia News' in the East of the region.

Sports reporter with Southern Television (1974 - 1981) who moved over to TVS. He became the main sportscaster on the station when previous incumbent Fred Dineage was elevated to main anchor of the South edition of 'Coast To Coast' around 1984. David is now a presenter with Sky Sports, which he joined in 1993 after a spell as a freelance presenter for ITN, Channel 4 and Meridian Broadcasting.
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Ian is a presenter on Sky Sports. Previously, he presented on 'East Midlands Today',

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Frank was a presenter on BBC North East's regional news programme from 1962 until 1964.

The former BBC TV 'Grandstand' and 'Breakfast Time' anchorman joined LWT in the late-1980s to present 'Six O'Clock Live', the company's flagship news programme introduced as a response to the IBA's concern about its previously poor local news output.

This news programme was complemented by 'LWT News' through the rest of the weekend. Frank also did a stint as presenter of TV-am's 'Good Morning Britain'. He also worked for Sky News in the early days where he presented 'The Frank Bough Interview', and also presented the Rugby Union World Cup on ITV in 1991.

He presented shows on LBC radio in the mid-1990s. His most recent TV appearance was a guest appearance on the 'Grandstand' 40th anniversary special.
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Sports reporter/presenter Enda Brady joined Meridian in Newbury in March 1999, having previously been a BT Young Journalist Of The Year at the Yorkshire Evening Post in Leeds. Originally from County Wexford in the Republic of Ireland, he now lives in the Oxford area.
Jeff studied at Monkwearmouth Grammar School in Sunderland and York University before joining the Birmingham Post and Mail as a trainee reporter.

He returned to the North East to work at The Journal, Evening Chronicle and Sunday Sun for ten years as a sports reporter before joining Tyne Tees Television in 1996. At Tyne Tees, Jeff was a sports reporter and presenter. He also reported on North East teams for ITV 1 network programmes such as 'On The Ball' and 'The Premiership'.

In May 2003, Jeff joined BBC North East/Cumbria as a sports presenter on 'Look North'.

Mike started out as an actor and was also the lead singer in a band. He later decided that journalism was the right path for him and joined the Hampshire Chronicle newspaper in Winchester. He also had spells at newspapers in Windsor and Derby.

BBC Radio Solent gave Mike his first broadcasting break in 1990; he was a trainee reporter at the station. Television was next: Mike was a news, sport and entertainment reporter/presenter with the BBC's 'South Today' programme.

Mike was one of the first faces to appear on BBC News 24 when it launched in 1997. He still presents the sports news there and on BBC World.

Sports reporter and presenter for STV's 'Scotland Today' in the 1970s.
Anglia Television's first football commentator, on 'Match of the Week' and also a sportscaster for the station. Camkin had previously worked for local newspapers and as a sports commentator for the BBC, and was also a director of Coventry City Football Club.
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Dr Nigel Carr is a former rugby international (Ireland and the British Lions) who became popular through national appearances during ITV's World Cup coverage. He currently produces and presents UTV sports programme, 'Sport on Sunday'.
Andrew is a former Sky Sports presenter. He currently presents on GMTV.

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Adrian has a degree in English literature from the University of London. He gained a diploma in journalism in Cardiff and subsequently worked as a sports reporter at the News Of The World.

In the early-1990s, he joined the BBC for three weeks' work experience on 'Business Breakfast'; however, the visit landed him a permanent position as an assistant producer. By October 1993, he was presenting BBC Radio 4's 'The Financial World Tonight'. In September the following year he was one of the main presenters on BBC Two's new lunchtime business programme, 'Working Lunch'. Also in 1994, he became the presenter of his own radio business programme 'Wake Up To Money' on BBC Radio 5 Live.

From August 2001, he has presented the late edition of BBC Radio 5 Live's football phone-in show '6-0-6' on Wednesdays. In Autumn 2004, he was appointed presenter of the new Sunday night 'Match Of The Day 2' on BBC Two.

In 2006, Adrian's BBC presenting work was going from strength to strength. He fronted the new 'Apprentice' spin-off show - 'The Apprentice - You're Fired' - where the latest person to be fired by Alan Sugar was interviewed. He also presented the BBC's nightly 2006 World Cup highlights programmes. In August and September 2006, he was one of the main co-presenters of the BBC's new daily, early evening topical magazine show, 'The One Show', during the programme's four week trial run.

In September 2006, Adrian announced that he would be giving up his BBC Radio 5 Live work to concentrate on his television career.

David Chisnall started working for 'Central News East' at weekends, while he completed his degree in broadcast journalism at Nottingham Trent University. When he graduated in 2005, he was offered a job at the new 'Central News East' newsgathering centre, Terry Lloyd House. He quickly became established as a sports presenter, alongside 'Central News East' veteran, Dennis Coath.

'Chizzers' is known for his coy personality and self-depreciating sense of humour. In-jokes include his reputed sex-symbol status, his mauling by a sumo-wrestler and accidentally saying the 'c' word on air; he was supposed to say "county" instead of "country", but attempted to correct himself halfway through!

David was born in Nottinghamshire and, we're told, is a closet Nottingham Forest supporter.

David left 'Central News East' in late October 2007 to take up a new post at the Setanta Sports Channel; he presented his last 'Central News East' sports bulletin on October 24 2007.

Steve's first broadcasting gig was as a presenter on The Children's Channel. His desire to enter journalism took him to cable TV and a role as a news presenter. Presenting jobs at Chelsea and Manchester United football club TV channels followed.

His big break came when he got a position as a presenter on Sky News and Sky Sports News.

In January 2002, he became a sports presenter on BBC 'Midlands Today'. By 2004, he had moved to present the news on 'Central News' (East).

Nick's journalistic life started in the newspaper industry, first with the Sydney Daily Mirror and then back in the UK with the Sunday Telegraph. He continues to write articles for various publications today.

Nick's TV work includes spells as a presenter on London News Network's 'London Tonight' in 1994 and 1995 and a sports presenter and relief main presenter in 1995 to 1996. He presented with the programme again between c. 2002 and 2004.

He has also presented many factual series for various TV channels, including an hour long documentary on global warming for the Discovery Channel and the ratings winning 'Sea To Source', following his journey up the River Thames. He has also covered rugby and football world cups with ITV.

Dennis Coath is the sports editor for 'Central News' in the Midlands. Over the years, Dennis has worked as a sports journalist for the BBC and ITV. He began his career as a BBC news trainee, working in the London newsroom. He subsequently moved to BBC Radio Leeds and later BBC Radio Leicester, where he presented a daily programme. Whilst at BBC Radio Leicester, he moved into the sports department; he later became the sports editor there.

He then moved to Central Television where he worked as a sports presenter and reporter, before becoming sports editor at the regional ITV broadcaster.

In his role as presenter and reporter at 'Central News', Dennis has interviewed people like Muhammad Ali, Ayrton Senna, Barry Sheene, Bjorn Borg, David Beckham, Stanley Matthews, Brian Clough, Martin Johnson, Jonah Lomu and Lester Piggott.

In his spare time, Dennis writes books; 'Deep Cover', co-authored with Ian Botham, was purchased by the BBC as a play. He has also performed as a voice-over specialist in ITV productions such as 'Boon', 'The Upper Hand', 'Peak Practice' and 'Woof'. He is also a media trainer; he has tutored various cabinet ministers and heads of industry, as well as sports personalities such as 'Freddie' Flintoff and Paula Radcliffe.

Attachment as BBC TV announcer in 1980, mainly heard on BBC Two. Sports presenter BBC Radio 4's 'Today' in 1985 - TBC and BBC TV's 'Breakfast Time', 1985 - 1986. Presenter on LWT's 'Friday Now' in 1988 and a reporter on 'Six O'Clock Live', 1989. Currently presents cricket coverage for Sky Sports.
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Aidan is a former breakfast show presenter and sports editor with Dublin's 98FM.

He joined TV Three in August 1999 and is currently sports anchor on the station's news and entertainment breakfast programme 'Ireland AM'. He has also presented TV Three's 'Sports Tonight' and 'Champions League' programmes.

One of Granada's sports team, who presents 'Soccer Sunday' as well as reporting for 'Granada Reports'. James also occasionally co-anchors 'Granada Reports'.
Andrew graduated from Glasgow University with an MA in French and philosophy. His first job was in the sports department of Scot FM in Edinburgh in 1997. He later moved to London where he freelanced for the BBC and Sky News.

In October 2000, he went full time at the BBC, presenting sports bulletins on BBC Radios 1, 2, 4 and 5 Live. Since 2003, he has presented sports bulletins on BBC News 24 and BBC World. He also provides rugby and golf commentary for BBC television and radio.

Dominic spent some time as an actor before opting to do down the journalism route. He took gained a post-graduate diploma at the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff University.

In 1995, he joined the BBC in Plymouth as a trainee reporter, working on the 'Spotlight' TV programme.

In the late-1990s, he moved to the BBC in London working as a producer and presenter. Since the early-2000s, he has been working as a reporter and presenter for BBC News 24.

Zoe studied French and Portuguese at Oxford University. She joined 'Central News' (South) as a trainee journalist and later graduated to a news/sport journalist/presenter position. In January 2002, she joined Sky Sports News and became the regular presenter of 'Good Morning Sports Fans'.
Rob joined BBC 'London Plus' in 1988. He was a presenter and reporter with the programme, later concentrating on sport. He remained with the BBC South East news programme until the early-2000s.

By c. 2001, Rob was freelancing and appeared as a presenter on many outlets, such as the ITV News Channel, Sky and BBC 'Midlands Today'.

He currently presents with Sky Sport.

Other TV projects: 'Notice Board' (mid-1980s, BBC); Turnabout (quiz show, early-1990s, BBC).
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David joined the BBC in 1971. He was political correspondent in 1983 and in 1986, he became education correspondent.

David was a reporter/presenter with BBC 'Midlands Today' from 1988 until 1994. He was also a sports presenter and reporter for national BBC News programmes.

He left broadcasting in 1994 to become the spokesman for the Football Association. David is now the chief executive of the Football Association.
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Main STV sports presenter, usually fronting the various editions of 'Scotsport', as well as the station's numerous soccer specials.
Veteran South of England broadcast legend with plenty of exposure to the national ITV network. Fred started out as a sports reporter and presenter on Southern, and filled the same role on TVS until he replaced Khalid Aziz as the main anchor on the South edition of 'Coast To Coast'. He was retained by Meridian, and still presents 'Meridian Tonight' to this day.

During his time with the three stations, Fred has presented several networked programmes, including wrestling for ITV Sport, 'Gambit' (Anglia), 'How' (Southern/TVS) and 'Vintage Quiz' (TVS). He also used to stand in for Dickie Davies on 'World Of Sport'.

Fred has also written a book about the Kray twins - they approached him to author it after watching him on the box and deciding that they liked the cut of his gib. Fred presented the final programme on TVS, 'Goodbye To All That' and has fronted several specials for successors, Meridian.

Sports reporter, commentator and presenter for HTV West.
Sports anchor and reporter for TVS and now Meridian's main sports presenter. Gareth often hosts the Saturday afternoon news and sports bulletin.
Chris presented TSW's weekly sports magazine programme, 'SporTSWeek'. Allan Lunt writes to tell us that, sadly, Chris died in Macclesfield Hospital, aged 59, in May 2002.
Steve was born in Larne, Northern Ireland. His broadcasting career began with BBC Northern Ireland in the early-1980s: he started off as a TV continuity announcer and also read the news on TV and on BBC Radio Ulster. He later fronted many sports programmes for BBC Northern Ireland, such as 'Grandstand' and 'Sportsnight'. He also produced and presented for BBC Radio Ulster.

In the late-1980s, Steve moved to Yorkshire to present a radio talk show on BBC Radio Leeds (for which he won a Sony Gold) Over the years, Steve has presented on various radio stations, including: BBC Radio Newcastle; BBC Radio Three Counties; BBC Radio WM. He also worked at BBC Radio 5 Live, where he wrote and hosted 'The Media Show' and presented on 'Late Night Live', and 'Breakfast'.

In the early-1990s, Steve started work with Yorkshire TV as a reporter and presenter. Among the programmes he presented: 'Calendar', 'Scoreline', 'Tonight' and 'Live Lunch'.

He also presented for BBC TV in the Midlands: 'The Midlands At Westminster' and read the news on 'Look North'

In 2001, he fronted the national ITV 1 quiz, 'The Biggest Game In Town', presenting ninety-six live editions of the show. He also presented the current affairs programme 'A Bitter Pill' on BBC One Network.

Steve is still based in Leeds, where he runs a media company alongside his broadcasting commitments.
Image courtesy of Mark Swinford Photography/Steve Le Fevre.

Long time presenter of 'Scene South East', Southern's weekly news magazine for the South East part of its region, broadcast from the Dover studio. In 1977, the programme spawned a spin-off, 'Scene Midweek'.

Mike remained with TVS after the 1982 changeover, on the sports team, and with colleague Veronica Charlwood presented an equestrian series, 'Horses For Courses'. Currently, Mike is a freelance sports reporter for Meridian Broadcasting's South East region.
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Sean has a degree in Geography. He trained as a music producer and produced packages for BBC Radio Wales in Cardiff. He later moved to London and worked behind-the-scenes at BBC Radio 5 Live.

A couple of years after that, he landed a sports presenting position with BBC Wales and regularly presented the sports segments on 'Wales Today' and '2W News And Sport'.

Since 2005, Sean has made regular appearances as a sports presenter on BBC News 24.

Carrie has worked as a presenter on various UK networks, including: BBC News 24, ITV News Channel, Five News, Sky News, Sky Sports.

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Former Sky News reporter who joined Scottish Television in 1994, Martin Geissler had a dual role on 'Scotland Today' as both a staff news reporter and the programme's sports presenter.

He took a break from STV in 1998 to become Sky Sports' Scotland correspondent, but returned to Cowcaddens in 2000. In 2002, he moved to work at ITN as a news reporter.

(Later Sally Faber, now Sally Johnson). Sally started at TSW as a continuity announcer/news reader. She was there under contract for one year. She then left to present the 'Ford Ski Report' for Sky Channel in 1987/1988, then 'Ski Sunday' for the BBC with David Vine in 1988/1989 (by now, Sally Faber, having married former West Wiltshire MP David Faber, the grandson of Harold MacMillan, in October 1988).

After a few years full time presenting corporate videos for companies such as Ford, Tesco, British Airways, Duty Free, BHS, National Electric and Nuclear Power, and researching, writing and presenting for BMW, Sally had her first child in 1992. She then moved to LNN at Carlton TV in London as a weather presenter. After eighteen months there, she presented a live phone-in show twice weekly on the Travel Channel and interviewed over forty celebrities.

In 1995 and again in 1996, she worked for Anglia Television on two series of 'Countrywide', where she had to take up twenty-four sports over two years, including race riding, land yachting and microlighting. Following this, she presented a series of programmes for Channel 4 on 'Polo'.

After having a second child (mid-1997), she went into semi-retirement. Sally presented a sports programme for Sky Sports for a couple of years, covering the British Polo season. More recently, she has been involved in interviewing for HCTV, a new digital channel. She lives between the USA and Gloucestershire, with her three children.

Gary is a former host of 'UTV Reports' (late-1970s), and then 'Good Evening Ulster' (1980s). He eventually moved behind the camera to become Head of News at UTV.

Since 1999, he made regular on-screen appearances both as a sports reporter and presenter.

Other TV credits: regular commentator on 'RPM' (motorsport programme, UTV, early-1990s - present).

Karthi graduated with a classics degree from Cambridge University, specialising in ancient archaeology and art.

She was a freelance sports presenter for '5 News' and a reporter for the BBC's entertainment show 'Liquid News'.

Karthi is currently a reporter and presenter with 'BBC London News'. She also reports for 'Grandstand' and 'Final Score' on BBC One and various sports shows on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Jonny was a sports reporter with BSB from 1990 to 1991. From 1997 until 2001 he was a sports/news presenter at Channel 5. He then moved to ITV Sport as a football presenter; he remained in this role until 2003.

However, during 2002, Jonny was also a football narrator for Channel 4's 'Football Italia' and a football reporter for Prem Plus.

Since 2008, Jonny has been a news commentator for Sky News, where he reviews the newspapers and provides comment and analysis on sports events at weekends.

Harry started doing match reports for BBC Radio Leeds in 1971. At the time, he was a history teacher. He joined the radio station full time in 1978; he became sports editor on 1980.

C. 1983, Harry became a regular face on BBC North's regional news programme, 'Look North'.

He also worked on the 'Today' programme for BBC Radio 4, presented 'Grandstand' a few times and was a regular on BBC Network sports programmes for 25 years.

In 1994, he became Public Affairs Executive for the Rugby League. A year later, he returned to broadcasting and presented the BBC's 'South Today'.

In 1999, Harry returned to 'Look North' after a five year break.

Central TV sports presenter who joined the company in 1982 and remains with Carlton Television's 'Central News' today. Before joining Central, Bob worked for the BBC, and he also freelanced for ITV since the early-1980s. He hosts all of Central's major sports shows, and is also well known to viewers across the UK for his work as a football reporter on many networked ITV sports shows. Bob has also worked for ITN and also for 'Channel 4 Daily'.
Anglia Television sports commentator and presenter in the 1970s and 1980s.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

(OBE). Jimmy is a former Brentford (1949 - 1953) and Fulham footballer (1953 - 1961) and later manager at Coventry City (1961 - 1967). He famously campaigned, as PFA Chairman in 1957, to have the football league's £20 maximum wage scrapped.

He moved into broadcasting, first as technical advisor on BBC drama 'United!' (1965 - 1967) and then became head of sport at LWT from 1967 - 1972. He also fronted their 1970 World Cup coverage which, at his suggestion, used the first panel of football pundits. He was briefly LWT's deputy controller of programmes, before joining the BBC in 1973 to present 'Match Of The Day'.

He made over 600 appearances, becoming a TV icon, instantly recognisable and often caricatured for his long chin and distinctive beard. As a presenter or analyst, he worked on every major international football championship from 1966 - 1998.

In 1999, he moved to Sky Sports to present 'Jimmy Hill's Sunday Supplement', a weekly discussion show between himself and three football journalists conducted over a Sunday breakfast.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Celina started her broadcasting career at BBC Southern Counties radio in 2002. She has also worked on BBC World Service radio and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Celina joined BBC News 24 and BBC World as a sports presenter in the summer of 2002. In 2005, she became the first female presenter of 'Match Of The Day' and in January 2006, the first woman to present 'Football Focus'.

Chris was educated at Tonbridge School and Oxford University. He played football for QPR and Aldershot FC. His media career began with Sky Sports in 1994. He was later involved with Channel One, GMTV, Meridian and Channel 5.

In 1999, he joined the BBC and became a familiar face on BBC News 24 where he was a sports presenter. In October 2005, he was announced as the new main sports presenter for BBC 'Breakfast', replacing Rob Bonnet.

During his time with the BBC, Chris has also reported for 'Grandstand' and 'Football Focus'.

After studying journalism at Belfast College of Business Studies, Eamonn worked briefly for a trade magazine before joining Ulster Television in 1981 as a presenter/reporter on a farming programme, 'Farming Ulster'. He also reported on sport. In 1982, Eamonn took over from Gloria Hunniford on 'Good Evening Ulster' which he presented until his move to BBC Manchester in September 1986, to present 'Open Air'.

In 1989, Eamonn was asked to host BBC One's 'Holiday' programme. In the early-1990s, he was a sports news presenter on 'Breakfast Time'.

From January 1993, Eamonn was one of the original team of presenters at GMTV.

In October 2005, he joined the Sunrise team on Sky News, co-presenting with Lorna Dunkley. Eamonn had quit GMTV earlier in the year.

Eamonn also currently presents a radio show on BBC Radio 5 Live every Saturday; he has a column in the Sunday People newspaper; he presents an easy listening music show on London's 105.4FM every Sunday; and he hosts 'The National Lottery Jetset' on BBC One.

Eamonn launched his autobiography 'This Is My Life' in May 2006.

Other TV programmes that Eamonn has been involved with: 'Check It Out' (consumer affairs programme, UTV); 'All Mixed Up' (quiz, UTV).
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Eamonn has been a sports news presenter with RTÉ since the early-2000s.
Bob was educated at Cardiff High School for boys and went on to study history at the University of Exeter.

He joined the Western Mail newspaper in Cardiff and was the chief feature writer there from 1973 until 1978. He entered the world of broadcasting in 1978 when he joined BBC Radio Wales as a reporter and presenter. In 1980, he became the chief reporter for BBC Wales' 'Week In Week Out' television current affairs programme.

In 1989, he joined the 'Wales Today' programme as its sports correspondent.

Co-anchor of STV's 'Scotsport' in the mid and late-1980s and early-1990s. Hazel now presents for BBC Sport nationally, notably snooker.

Hazel was the main anchor on the BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in 2006.

Joined BBC Wales Presentation from Swansea Sound radio in 1989. Left in the mid-1990s to direct news and then concentrate on motorsports. Fronts world rallying programmes for BBC Network.
Anglia Television sports reporter, presenter and commentator since 1980. Stuart joined the station from the BBC where he had been involved in local and network TV and radio productions, including: reporter, 'Look East' (BBC East); interviewer, 'Woman's Hour' (BBC Radio 4).
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Roger's broadcasting career began in local radio in 1988. He has worked on BBC local radio in Suthampton and Manchester.

Since 1997, he has been a sports presenter with BBC South's 'South Today', He also acts as stand-in for Sally Taylor.

Roger has also appeared on screen on BBC News 24 and BBC 'Final Score'.

Sally was a presenter on 'Central News' in the West Midlands in the mid-1980s. She went on to become a national sports presenter on the BBC's 'Breakfast News' and has presented various BBC networked programmes She's also a former tennis champion.

Sally is now a freelance writer, journalist and broadcaster.

Career overview:
• BBC News trainee; Westward TV reporter; HTV (Wales) presenter/reporter; co-presenter 'Wales At Six'; reporter, ITN and 'Channel 4 News',
• Central TV: co-presenter 'Central News'; reporter, 'Central Lobby' - politics show.
• In the late-1980s, moved to become sport and news presenter at 'BBC Breakfast News' and Britain's first networked female sports presenter, fronting BBC TV's Olympics coverage (1988 and 1992).
• Former 'Woman's Hour' presenter from Birmingham; presented 'Transworld Sport'; 'On The Line' - BBC sports politics show; 'The Garden Party' - networked BBC magazine show from Glasgow.
• Tennis champion - 5 Blues at Oxford; World Real Tennis champion, 1989 - 1995; captained Midlands schools and Oxford University at netball; GB Universities squash champion.
• Now a prolific freelance writer, journalist and broadcaster, specialising in sport, education, business and the countryside.
• Media training: clients include the National Trust and British three-day event team.
• Press officer of the Real Tennis and Rackets Association.
• Research and place articles and organise media coverage for a range of businesses, charities and sports organisations, including Neptune Investment Management, M & G Investments, Maurice Lacroix Swiss Watches, Warwickshire LTA, National Rounders Association and Beauchamp Financial Services.

Sally was educated at Coleshill Parochial School, Warwickshire, Coleshill Grammar School and King Edward's High School for Girls, Birmingham. She has an MA in English (Hons) from St Hugh's College, Oxford.

Hobbies: governor of King Edward's Schools Foundation in Birmingham; governor of King Edward's Grammar School, Handsworth; sport - especially racket sports; quizzes - semi-finalist on 'Mastermind'; also won 'Krypton Factor', 'Fifteen-To-One' and 'Sale of the Century' (youngest ever winner); drama - playwriting and acting in amateur theatricals; local history - won an award for a book on Georgian Warwickshire; music - play the harp; gardening - keen amateur naturalist.

Sally lives in Warwickshire, Birmingham and West London with husband, property developer John Grant, and teenage children, Roly and Madeline, both keen games-players, who also write (freelance) and model.
Image courtesy of Graeme Maver.

Andy is a sports reporter and presenter for 'North East Tonight', the ITV 1 regional news programme in the Tyne Tees region. He can often be seen presenting weekend news bulletins. Andy has also reported for Tyne Tees' version of 'Soccer Night'.
Andy has been a reporter and occasional presenter with BBC 'Midlands Today' since 1987.
Steve was a reporter and presenter with BBC 'Midlands Today' from 1986 until 1999. He now works for Sky Sports on a freelance basis, as well as running his own broadcasting company.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Bill is a presenter with Sky Sports News.
Sports presenter and reporter for 'Scotland Today' who joined the station after working on radio and on Sky News.
Sam is a sports presenter for ITV Wales' 'Wales Tonight'.
Dan is a presenter on Sky Sports. Previously, he has worked as a presenter for Sky News and Channel 5 News.

We have no further information on this presenter at present. Presenters are encouraged to update their online profile by providing details via our Profile Submission mechanism.

Adrian joined UTV in 1985. During his time there, Adrian had been a sports reporter, presenter and commentator. He was also the station's sports editor. Adrian left UTV in May 2009 as part of a voluntary redundancy programme.
First with the sport on a Friday night, Gary Lovejoy hosted this slot for the 'Diary' in the 1970s and early-1980s.
Rebecca won the BBC Talent 'Search For a Football Reporter' in 2002, six months after finishing at university. During her time with the BBC she has worked as a reporter on 'Match Of The Day', 'Final Score' and 'Football Reporter'. She has also read the sports news on BBC Radios 1, 2 and 5 Live.

Since 2005, Rebecca has also been presenting the sports news on BBC News 24.

Rob's career began with the Highland News Group in Inverness. He later went on to work with a news agency in Aberdeen from 1979 until 1981.

In 1981 he moved to Northsound Radio from 1981. His next move was to BBC Scotland where he was Aberdeen reporter on 'Reporting Scotland' from 1986 until 1988. He switched to STV's 'Scotland Today' in 1988, where he was one of the programme's main sport presenters. In 1990, he returned to BBC Scotland, presenting 'Sportscene' and the sports segment on 'Reporting Scotland'.

In 2005, Rob moved to Setant Sport where he became the main anchor presenter on 'SPL Live'.

HTV West sports journalist and presenter in the 1980s, and still heard as a commentator in the 1990s. Roger's son, Giles, writes to tell us: "Roger is living in Bristol with his wife Judy and son Alexander. Roger enjoys golf several times a week and stays tuned in to the world of sport. He usually visits me in Florida for two months a year."
Granada TV's chief sportscaster on 'Granada Reports' and also presenter of 'Soccer Sunday' on Granada and neighbouring Border Television. Alistair also presented one season of HTV Wales' Sunday soccer programme in the mid-1990s.

Alistair is believed to have left Granada in 2006.

Claire's broadcasting career began in September 1997 with independent TV company Macmillan Media (run by ex-BBC journalist Michael Macmillan) where among many varied tasks she provided voice-overs for TV commercials and was a floor manager on a Sky News referendum results programme. Claire also worked for various foreign news networks, including CNN, working as a researcher covering Bill Clinton's visit to Northern Ireland.

She later moved to Downtown Radio, where she was a breakfast news reader.

Claire joined UTV in March 2000 as a sports reporter/presenter. In February 2009 she left the station as part of a voluntary redundancy programme.

Old hand at the Granada TV newsdesk in the 1970s and 1980s. Tom has been a sports presenter and commentator with RTÉ since the 1990s.
Rhona is a former international athlete, specialising in sprint hurdles and long jump. She always had an interest in journalism; she studied broadcasting at the University of Wyoming and obtained a BA degree in Media Studies at the University of Stirling.

She joined BBC Scotland in 1995 and regularly presents the sports segment on 'Reporting Scotland'.

Rhona has freelanced in sport and other areas for the Daily Record, Sunday Mail and Scotland On Sunday.

She has won a Royal Television Society Award for sports news journalism.

Sally joined BBC Scotland in 1992 when the production values of the breakfast bulletins were raised considerably. Sally made a name for herself as STV's first woman sports presenter. She later worked as a presenter for Radio Scotland and read the sports news on the 'Channel 4 Daily'.
Sports presenter with 'Central News' (East).
Sports presenter with ITV Central.
Main sports presenter of London News Network's 'London Tonight' until he moved to national news operator ITN.
Sports presenter and reporter on 'Scene South East', who combined his television work with his full time job as a sports editor on the local Kentish newspaper. Malcolm presented the first and the last edition of the programme from Southern's Dover building.
Image courtesy of Nic Ayling.

Jason was educated at Swansea University where he studied Welsh and politics in 1996. A year later he completed a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.

Jason joined BBC Wales in 1997. He is a regular presenter of BBC 'Wales Today'. He also fronts BBC Wales' sports results service, 'Wales On Saturday'.

Jason has also been involved with a number of programmes on BBC Radio Wales: 'Wales In Black And White (2001); 'Extra Time Sports Phone-In' (2002 - 2004); 'Jamie Owen' (2003 - present); 'Good Morning Wales' (2004); 'Extra Time Quiz' (2004 - present); 'Mixing It' (2004); 'Roy Noble' (2005).

Juliet started as a reporter and presenter with BBC South West's 'Spotlight' programme (1988 - 1990).

In 1990, she became a presenter with CBBC's 'Newsround'. In 1995, she moved to national news presenting, fronting the sports news segments on 'BBC Breakfast News'.

Juliet later became associated with many television productions, working both as a presenter and reporter: 'Here And Now' (BBC); 'The Travel Show' (BBC); '999' (BBC); 'Good Food Show'; 'Vintage And Veteran' (Meridian); 'The Heaven And Earth Show' (2001, BBC); 'House Detectives' (BBC); 'Panorama' (BBC); 'Unchartered Territory' (BBC); '2000 Today' (BBC).

Known as 'Motty' to a generation of football fans and renowned for the facts he conveys during his commentaries. John joined BBC Radio in 1968 and appeared as a sports presenter/commentator on football and tennis programmes.

In 1971, he joined 'Match Of The Day' and to date has commented on over a thousand matches including World Cup, FA Cup and European Championship finals.

When Premiership football TV highlights moved to ITV for a period from 2001, and 'Match Of The Day' was no longer a weekly fixture, Motson returned to radio, providing match commentary on BBC Radio Five Live.

He continues to make frequent appearances on 'Match Of The Day' and contributes to BBC Sport's website – which he has done since the site launched in 2000.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Colm joined RTÉ in the late-1970s, working initially as a radio continuity announcer, newsreader and presenter.

Colm has been a regular face on RTÉ TV news programmes since the 1980s. Although he mainly fronted the shorter news bulletins, he regularly covered main news programmes at weekends. He presented major weekday programmes in a holiday cover/relief capacity.

Since the mid-1990s, Colm has presented the sports segment on the 'Six-One' programme. He also regularly files reports from various sport events, specialising in horse racing.

Colm was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2010 and spent a spell away from work. In December 2010 he appeared on 'The Late Late Show' to talk about his illness.

Adnan started off as a broadcast assistant in the Latin American section of the BBC World Service in 1994. He then moved to local/national BBC radio where he was a producer and reporter, specialising in sport.

Adnan joined BBC News 24 in 2000 as a producer, before later switching to a presenting role. Since 2001, he has also presented on BBC World.

Jim Neilly started his broadcasting career with BBC Northern Ireland in the late-1970s, working in the sports department there as a presenter and commentator. He has covered many major sporting events for BBC Northern Ireland (and later BBC Network), including the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, Rugby World Cup and Five Nations Championships.

He became head of sport and events at BBC Northern Ireland in the late-1980s. In 1993, he took over from Harry Carpenter as the main national BBC boxing commentator.

Mike's journalistic career began within the BBC's sports department in the mid-1980s. In 1986, he became one of the regular presenters on BBC Radio Ulster's breakfast news and current affairs offering, 'Good Morning Ulster'.

In 1990, he moved to PR company Anderson Kenny. By 1992 he had moved back into regular TV presenting, becoming one of the main anchors on UTV's regional news programme, 'Six Tonight'. He quickly established himself as one of the key figures within the station's news department.

However, in February 2006 came the shock announcement that Mike was not renewing his contract with UTV.

He said: "I have decided to leave because I just feel very strongly that the time has come to move on.

"I believe it is time for a new challenge and I have several projects in the pipeline.

"I will be sorry to leave behind a very fine bunch of journalists, and above all, will miss working with my wife Lynda, who is a key factor in UTV's success story."

Other TV credits: 'Sunday Morning' - religious affairs programme, presented with his wife Lynda (Network ITV); 'Insight' - current affairs (UTV).

Since 2008, Mike has been one of the Victims Commissioners for Northern Ireland.

ATV and then Central's chief sportscaster who is best known nationally for fronting many ITV Sport productions.

His only permanent work in front of camera these days is interviewing players after football matches for the ITV network. He is more often a sports producer and has produced various sports programmes, both nationally and for the Central region. Gary was a presenter at Talk Radio and it's successor, Talk Sport, where he remained until c. January 2002. Gary also plays cricket for the MCC.

Gary travelled to Japan and South Korea for the 2002 World Cup, where he was responsible for giving daily reports from the England camp on ITV and for doing some of the post match interviews.

Gary was also responsible for overseeing sports programming on Carlton. He is a senior figure at ITV Sport.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Mary began her journalism career as a presenter and writer on 'World Business Satellite' for TV Tokyo. She then went on to work for BBC World Service Television's 'World Business Report' as a presenter and writer.

She worked for Reuters Financial Television in 1994 as a presenter on the early morning financial programme, transmitted to city dealers at their desks, and on bulletins issued throughout the day. From 1993 until April 1999 she was co-presenter of LNN's flagship news programme 'London Tonight' and also presented 'London Today', Carlton's lunchtime magazine programme.

In 1995 she co-presented on ITV's 1995 World Cup Rugby coverage and presented weekend editions of ITN's 'World News' service. Re-joined ITN in January 2001 to co-present the 'ITV Evening News' as well as the full range of news programmes on ITV.

Mary played a key role in ITV Election 2001, presenting constant updates and constituency results during the eight hour broadcast.

Other TV credits: presenter 'Wish You Were Here..?' (1999 - 2001, ITV); 'The Really Good Food Show'; 'I-Spy'; 'Most Wanted'.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Gareth presented the sports segments on RTÉ news programmes in the early-2000s. He is currently a sport reporter at the station.
Tony presented the sports segments on RTÉ TV news programmes since the late-1990s. He is currently sports editor and regularly files reports from major sports events.
Dan joined Anglia in 2001. He is a football commentator and also presents 'Anglia Soccer Night'.
Brendan joined RTÉ as a continuity announcer in 1961. Previously the Irish high jump champion, he went on to present 'Sports Stadium', RTÉ's Saturday afternoon sports magazine, from the 1970s to the 1990s.
ATV sports presenter who was the first anchor for 'Central News' in the East Midlands. He joined TV-am's sports department in 1983, but was soon promoted to the main presenter of 'Good Morning Britain' when the 'famous five' presenter owners of the station were culled, or jumped ship, in a bitter boardroom battle early in the station's tumultuous history. Nick was soon joined on the couch by former Midlands colleague Anne Diamond, and together the two gelled, helping to transform the fortunes of the troubled breakfast contractor.

The pair later went on to their own daytime BBC show, 'Good Morning With Anne And Nick' but the programme was axed after a couple of seasons because it failed to dent the ratings of ITV's 'This Morning'. After a short spell fronting LWT's '6 O'Clock Live', Nick is now back in the Midlands, anchoring 'Midlands Today'.
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Daniel is a sports presenter/reporter with BBC 'Midlands Today'.

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Kevin started his career with Eastern Counties Newspapers before making the jump to the world of broadcasting, being a founder member of the Radio Broadland news team in 1984.

In 1987, he joined Anglia TV as a sports reporter and presenter. He later became the station's head of sport.

He was involved in the launch of ITV's Formula 1 coverage in 1997 and has also produced network documentaries on Murray Walker and Eddie Jordan. Since April 1993, he has been a regular in the 'Anglia Tonight' studio in the East of the region.

Jed joined HTV West in 2000 as one of the company's sports producers and presenters, initially on 'The West Match'. His first broadcasting job was on a Canadian restricted licence station, but when he returned to the UK he moved to BBC Wiltshire Sound, and also wrote for the Daily Telegraph before moving to HTV West.

For a period he worked for BBC GLR and used to fill in for Rob Salvidge on the late show networked across BBC Radio Bristol, Somerset Sound, Wiltshire and Worcester. His fill-in stints had a cult following and he used to devote large proportions of his shows to competitions that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Now he's a regular sports presenter on 'ITV West News'.

Nick's broadcasting life began with Pennine News and Sport. After four years there he moved to Yorkshire TV as a news reporter and presenter.

In January 1996 he joined Sky as a news producer. However, since December 1996, he has been presenting on Sky Sports News.

He's currently also a regular face on 'Five News'.

Alex is a presenter on Sky Sports News.

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Angela went to journalism college and spent the early days of her working life in the newspaper industry. She then moved into broadcasting, working initially as a reporter. She later joined the sports desk at the BBC's 'East Midlands Today' and is currently the regular sports presenter on the programme.
Mary started in broadcasting in 1990 as a graduate; she was offered a job at BBC Hereford and Worcester as a reporter after a placement on a degree course.

She has worked at various local radio stations during her career, including Gloucestershire, Manchester and Lancashire.

She later freelanced across BBC Radios 1, 2, 4 and 5, alongside independent productions and was subsequently offered the role of one of the first sport presenters on BBC News 24.

Her sports presenting career then developed into hosting a daily sports magazine programme - '110%'. In 2000 she became the sport presenter for the 'Ten O’Clock News'. She continues to present the sports segments on BBC One news programmes on an occasional basis.

She is currently the main female sports presenter on BBC World. She also presents the sport on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme.

Anglia Television sports reporter, presenter and commentator in the late-1970s and early-1980s. Steve also presented on ITV's coverage of the Moscow Olympics in 1980 as well as fronting the network's 'World Of Sport' and 'Midweek Sport Special'.

He moved to the BBC in 1985 where he achieved national fame as a presenter of 'Grandstand' and 'Sportsnight'. Steve presented many sports programmes for the BBC but specialised in golf.

Steve moved to ITV in Autumn 2005; he now fronts the network's coverage of Formula 1 racing.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

A regular presenter of BBC Northern Ireland's 'Today's Sport' and 'Sportswide' in the 1980s. Mark transferred to UTV in 1992. He now works as a commentator for British Eurosport.
In the late-1980s, Helen joined 'Newsround' in the late-1980s; she specialised in sports reporting and also presented the programme. She remained with 'Newsround' until 1990.

Helen was the first female presenter of the BBC's 'Grandstand'. She later presented and reported for the BBC from many major sporting events including Wimbledon, the 1992 and 1996 Olympics and the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

She presented the sports segments on 'BBC Breakfast News', the 'Six O'Clock News' and weekend news bulletins on BBC One. In 1996, she was named Sports Presenter Of The Year and in July that year she received an MBE for services to sports broadcasting and charities.

In 1997, Helen was diagnosed with colon cancer, which later spread to her liver; the disease claimed her life in 1999 at the age of 43.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

HTV West's sports presenter in the early-1990s. By the mid-1990s Steve was working for ITN where his roles included North of England correspondent, West of England correspondent, Africa correspondent, Washington correspondent, foreign correspondent.

By the early-2000s, Steve had moved to a news reading role, initially on the ITN News Channel but later moving on to ITV news programmes.

Other radio/TV work: Radio West; GWR Radio; BBC Radio 5 Live.

YTV news reporter and presenter who switched to fronting and reporting sports programming on the station. In March 2002, John became one of the main anchors of 'Calendar' with Geoff Druett and Jonathan Morrell for a temporary period. John returned to his role as main sports presenter.
Chris is a sports presenter for Sky News.
Grampian Television's main sports anchor. He originally joined the station in 1997 as a combined news/sports reporter.
Joe is an RTÉ News sports reporter/presenter.
Andy Steggall joined TVS in the mid-1980s as a Southampton based sports reporter and presenter, and later co-presented 'Ski Tips' with Liz Wickham.

Andy also worked for the 'Channel 4 Daily' and moved from TVS to GMTV as their sports presenter. He then moved on to Meridian in 1994. Andy now presents 'Meridian Tonight' sport, and anchors the main programme when Fred Dinenage is away. He has been a BT sports journalism award winner five times in seven years and was nominated for Royal Television Society awards in 2002 as a presenter and documentary maker.

Long serving HTV Wales presenter, who has fronted 'Report Wales' and 'Y Dydd', and made a name for himself as an HTV and ITV rugby commentator.

He regularly presented the sports segment on HTV's 'Wales At Six' news programme in the 1980s and 1990s, and produced the company's 'Front Row' Rugby programme. In 2002 he became HTV Wales' main sports commentator.

Tyne Tees TV sports presenter.
Matt Teale is an award-winning journalist with a background in news reporting and documentary making. He's worked as a presenter for Setanta Sports News and ITV Central in the Midlands, during which time he won a coveted RTS Sports award.

Matt is currently a presenter on ITV London's regional news programme 'London Tonight'.

Kenny joined ITV Tyne Tees in 2002 after spending almost five years as a reporter/presenter with ITV Border. Originally from Annan, in south west Scotland, he graduated from Edinburgh University and then soon after began his career in journalism with Dumfriesshire Newspaper Group before making the switch to television.

Over the years he has been involved in a number of projects ranging from Scottish parliament correspondent to sports presenter. He is currently a reporter and presenter with ITV Tyne Tees covering both the north and south flagship programmes. He has also worked on a number of documentaries.

He is an RTS award winner, having won the 'Journalist Of The Year' in 2006 and has also been awarded silver in the ING News group awards in both 2005 and 2006. Kenny has a number of interests ranging from amateur dramatics to any kind of sports, indeed he has a rather unhealthy obsession with Carlisle United, having been a season ticket holder there for more years than he cares to remember. At the moment though, all his spare time is taken up looking after his young son, Mackenzie Jake, who was born on Christmas Day 2006.

Clare is a reporter and presenter with Sky Sports.

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Justin is a sports reporter and presenter with RTÉ News.
Sports presenter for Southern TV's 'Day By Day' from 1974.
One of the few TSW reporter/presenters to make the move from Derry's Cross to Westcountry TV in Plymouth in 1993. Mark has fronted Westcountry's sports output ever since.
Started with Westward TV as its sports editor, but also presented sports programming, starting out when the regular presenter failed to turn up one evening. While working for Westward, David also presented for the newly launched BBC Two in London, which, at the time, could not be seen in the westcountry. He was rumbled when his Beeb show was reviewed in the Daily Mail, and Vine was named as the presenter. Westward's programme controller, John Oxley, was none too chuffed, and promptly fired David Vine for 'moonlighting'.

This not withstanding, David remembers his days with the station with great affection, and was interviewed in the recent Carlton TV documentary, '40 Years Of ITV In The South West'.

David enjoyed a long career as a BBC sport anchorman. He was the first host of 'A Question Of Sport' and he presented 'Superstars' (recently revived as a one-off), although it is with snooker that David will be most fondly remembered, which he anchored for the BBC until 2000.

David's final work for the BBC came in the Sydney Olympics of 2000 where he was a weightlifting commentator. He retired on health grounds after this and had a tripple heart bypass shortly afterwards. He's now retired and is taking it easy, although he does a small amount of consultancy work for the BBC.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Sheffield born Anna Walker co-presented Yorkshire Television's 'Calendar' regional news magazine programme until 1989 when she left to front sports output for British Satellite Broadcasting. When Sky took over the company, many BSB staff were made redundant and Anna undertook freelance sports reporting duties for BBC television nationally, working on several events including the winter and summer Olympics of 1992.

She soon moved to Sky Television as a sports presenter, and currently also presents on the digital Wellbeing channel. Anna also hosted 'Good Morning Britain' for TV-am for a short spell before joining YTV.

Anna has presented on a number of other television programmes: 'Garden Challenge'; 'Big Strong Boys'; 'Garden Invaders'; 'Tomorrow's World' (BBC); 'Wish You Were Here' (ITV).

Dan started off as a sports reporter at Key 103 radio in Manchester in September 1999. He later moved into television, first with Granada TV and from c. 2004, BBC North West. He currently presents the sports segments on 'North West Tonight'.
Alison took a degree in media and communication studies at Sunderland University. Her first break into the world of broadcasting came shortly after her graduation; she was a runner for a film production company in Glasgow, later producing their corporate and training videos.

In 1985 she moved to the local news channel Glasgow CableVision as a production assistant; within a year, she was a presenter there.

BBC Radio Scotland was the next stop in 1988; she joined as a reporter/presenter and later became a producer on 'Sportsound'. Over the years she has combined her radio work with various roles for BBC Scotland TV, contributing regularly to 'Friday Sportscene', 'Sportscene Match Of The Day' and 'Reporting Scotland'.

Eddie was the voice of Rugby League on BBC TV from 1951 - 1981. His catchphrase "It's an up and under" made him a popular target for impressionists like Mike Yarwood during the 1970s.

He later made appearances on 'It's A Knockout' first as referee (1966 - 1970) and later as co-presenter (1970 - 1981) helping teams to play their joker. He also made appearances on 'The Morecambe And Wise Christmas Show' (1977) and 'The Goodies'.

Eddie died on October 28 1986.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Chris was brought up in Sydney. He became a Bachelor of commerce, majoring in marketing.

Chris has been a presenter with Sky Sports since February 1999. He specialises in Rugby League.

He presents the Australian Rugby League coverage and also fronts the midweek magazine shown 'Boots 'N' All', some internationals and the State of Origin games.

John is a freelance sports producer/presenter/commentator/reporter, and has a long and distinguished career working (predominantly) in football. He has presented and produced events such as the Hong Kong Soccer Sevens for Sky and Channel 4, as well as Masters Football for Channel 4.

He has also worked on a number of major events such as Euro 2004, Euro 2008, the World Cup finals, English Premier League, Champions League and Serie A.

UTV sports presenter/reporter on UTV Live from 1994 - 1999. Stephen moved down the road to the BBC in 1999 where he took up a similar role, maklng regular TV appearances on the local news programme 'Newsline'.

Stephen has also presented the local sports results round-up within 'Final Score' on Saturday afternoons on a regular basis.

Senior Westcountry TV sports journalist and presenter.
Former national ITV Sport broadcaster and reporter who joined the Granada Tonight team as chief sportscaster in the mid-1990s. He left the company and now hosts a soccer show on Century FM in the North West.
Co-anchor of STV's 'Scotsport' in the mid and late-1980s and early-1990s. Jim has also fronted Scottish football shows on Sky Sports.
Alec's broadcasting life started with local radio in Italy in 1994. During his career he has worked for various local radio stations; in television he has spent time at Central Television and Star Sports Asia. He has also reported from London on Sky Sport Italy, based in Milan.

Alec currently presents the sports news on Sky News.

Jonathan's first reporting job was at the Northants Post in Northampton. From there, he moved to the Carlisle News Agency, and then to the Evening News and Star. He then joined CFM Radio in Carlisle, where he presented a late-night Friday phone-in and Saturday sports show.

Since 1999, he has been a reporter/presenter on ITV Border's 'Lookaround' programme.

Presenter of 'London Tonight' on Carlton and LWT, as well as London Weekend Television's 'Goals Extra' football programme.
Bob is a former Arsenal (1963 - 1974) and Scotland goalkeeper. He also coached later generations of goalkeepers until he retired from football in 2001.

After his playing career, Wilson made appearances as a BBC TV football pundit in the early-1970s before joining the BBC in 1974 appearing regularly on 'Football Focus' (1974 - 1988 and 1992 - 1994), 'Match Of The Day', 'Grandstand' (1990 - 1992) and 'Sportsnight'.

In 1994, he moved to ITV to front its coverage of Champions League games, although he was later sidelined by new signings Des Lynam (1999) and Gabby Logan.

He presented some World Cup games for ITV 1 and ITV 2, regional highlights on Carlton in London, and pay-per-view Premiership games for the now-defunct ITV Sport Channel, before retiring in 2002.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Scottish TV sports reporter and anchor of 'Scotsport' Rugby Roundup.
Sportscaster and sports reporter for Tyne Tees Television. Also used to present the regular sporting magazine programme, 'Hold The Back Page'.

Duncan later moved to GMTV where he took up a reporter/presenter role.

By the early-2000s, Duncan had joined Yorkshire Television where he became one of the regular co-anchors on the regional news programme, 'Calendar'.