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Derek trained as a forecaster at the Met Office. He stumbled into radio and TV by chance. In summer 1995, whilst working as a forecaster for the Met Office in Birmingham, he was asked to do radio weather as part of his duties.

In 1996, he accepted a job in London and was presenting weather forecasts on GMTV, mainly on Sunday mornings. In 1997, he left London and moved to work at Met Office headquarters in Bracknell. He later returned to Cardiff and did an audition for a BBC Wales weather presenting position and got the job.

Derek has been the main BBC Wales TV weather presenter since September 1997.

Other TV presenting jobs: 'Derek's Welsh Weather' (BBC, 2005).

Jayne has been a news presenter with BBC Wales since the mid-1980s. Although she now presents bulletins mostly, Jayne still occasionally presents the main weekday editions of 'Wales Today'.
Rory was a reporter and occasional news presenter with BBC Wales in the 1980s. He then moved to the BBC in London where he became a reporter and correspondent on the national news programmes.
Sue started out on radio back in 1991. She worked as a music reporter for BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2. She also spent time at BBC Radio Wales as a journalist and was a presenter with Radio Maldwyn, Radio Wyvern and Sunshine Radio.

In 1998, Sue moved to television, presenting bulletins for BBC 'Wales Today'.

HTV West in-vision continuity announcer in the 1980s who went on to anchor the regional news programme, 'Wales Today', for BBC TV Wales.
Sean has a degree in Geography. He trained as a music producer and produced packages for BBC Radio Wales in Cardiff. He later moved to London and worked behind-the-scenes at BBC Radio 5 Live.

A couple of years after that, he landed a sports presenting position with BBC Wales and regularly presented the sports segments on 'Wales Today' and '2W News And Sport'.

Since 2005, Sean has made regular appearances as a sports presenter on BBC News 24.

Bob was educated at Cardiff High School for boys and went on to study history at the University of Exeter.

He joined the Western Mail newspaper in Cardiff and was the chief feature writer there from 1973 until 1978. He entered the world of broadcasting in 1978 when he joined BBC Radio Wales as a reporter and presenter. In 1980, he became the chief reporter for BBC Wales' 'Week In Week Out' television current affairs programme.

In 1989, he joined the 'Wales Today' programme as its sports correspondent.

Formerly presented the late show at Swansea Sound. Joined BBC Wales TV presentation in 1997. From late-1999 combined this with presentation for BBC Radio Wales. Fronted 'After Midnight' - a pop video based show on BBC Choice Wales. Currently also seen presenting weather forecasts on the digital channel BBC 2W.
Jason was educated at Swansea University where he studied Welsh and politics in 1996. A year later he completed a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism at Cardiff University.

Jason joined BBC Wales in 1997. He is a regular presenter of BBC 'Wales Today'. He also fronts BBC Wales' sports results service, 'Wales On Saturday'.

Jason has also been involved with a number of programmes on BBC Radio Wales: 'Wales In Black And White (2001); 'Extra Time Sports Phone-In' (2002 - 2004); 'Jamie Owen' (2003 - present); 'Good Morning Wales' (2004); 'Extra Time Quiz' (2004 - present); 'Mixing It' (2004); 'Roy Noble' (2005).

Christopher was a news presenter with BBC Wales in the 1980s. By the 1990s, he had moved to Thames News as a reporter. He is now with the Sunday Times and makes regular appearances as a newspaper reviewer on BBC News 24.
Jamie was an announcer with BBC Wales in the early-1990s - having arrived from BBC Radio 4, where he was a news reader and announcer. He left BBC Wales continuity to front 'Wales Today' in 1994. He's still with the programme but also presents a daily phone-in programme on BBC Radio Wales.
Kevin started his career as a traffic news broadcaster for AA Roadwatch in Cardiff, and was head-hunted by BBC TV Wales as a news presenter. He later moved to HTV Wales as one of several main presenters for the local news programme there.

After moving across the Severn to Bristol, he stayed with HTV West's 'HTV News' for five years, but the programme changed its presenter line-up in autumn 2001. He went on to become a regular presenter for HTV West's 'Out of Order' consumer programme, and also presented news bulletins on Sky News and Meridian, as well as hosting his own Saturday morning show on Somerset's Orchard FM.

In August 2002, Kevin Owen moved to Jersey based Channel Television as one of the main anchors of the nightly 'Channel Report' programme.

Kevin is currently a presenter with news channel Russia Today.

Career outline:
BBC 'Wales Today' - presenter (1988 -1995).
BBC Radio Wales - breakfast (1988 - 1995).
HTV 'Wales Tonight' - co-presenter (1995 - 1996).
Soundwave (Swansea) (1995 - 1996).
HTV 'West Tonight' - co-presenter (1996 - 2001).
Swansea Sound (1996 - 1997).
Orchard FM (Taunton) (1996 - 2001).
Sky News - presenter (2001 - 2002).
'Channel Report' - co-presenter (2002 - 2004).
Sky News - presenter (2003 - 2005).
BBC World Service 'World Briefing' (2004 - 2006).
RT (Moscow) - anchor (2005 - present).

Roy was a BBC Wales continuity announcer in the 1980s; he also read 'Wales Today' bulletins. Roy has also presented with BBC 'Points West' (1980s) and BBC 'London Plus' (1986 - 1989).
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Claire has been a news presenter with BBC Wales since the late-1990s.
Beverley began her BBC career with BBC Wales where she worked as a presenter and reporter for BBC 'Wales Today'. She later worked on BBC 'Points West' and 'Look North' at BBC North East and Cumbria.

Beverley has also worked for BBC 'Breakfast News', 'Woman's Hour' on BBC Radio 4 and she has presented on BBC World.

She joined BBC 'South East Today' as health correspondent in 2000; in 2001, she became one of the regular co-presenters on the programme.