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Main anchor of 'Westcountry Live' who took over the role from David Foster early in 1997. Richard was already well known to television news viewers as an ITN newscaster on the overnight service and during 'This Morning', and, before that, was one of the main anchors of BBC South East's 'London Plus' in the mid-1980s.
TSW's farming presenter and editor throughout the 1980s. Ron was one of the few of the station's regulars to land a staff job with Westcountry Television when it took over in 1993. Ron initially presented the station's weather forecasts, but admits that he never really took to it, and has since become a general reporter for 'Westcountry Live', as well as a presenter and host of numerous local interest programmes. As a weatherman, his forecasts used to go on for ages, as in its early days 'Westcountry Live' seemed to struggle to fills its pledged one hour of local news.
Daniel is a reporter with BBC News. Previously, he presented 'Westcountry Live'.

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Westcountry TV news reporter and news bulletin presenter who also occasionally co-hosts the main evening news magazine programme.
Neil joined 'Anglia News' (west) as a reporter in August 2007.

Previously, Neil worked at Westcountry TV as a news reporter, covering the Dorset patch for the station, before moving to London to become political correspondent for 'Westcountry Live' and for 'Central News' in the south, west and east Midlands. He subsequently had a short stint as Westcountry's political editor.

Sean is a former Sky News and 'Westcountry Live' presenter. He later became a reporter for BBC national news.

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Nick's journalistic life started in the newspaper industry, first with the Sydney Daily Mirror and then back in the UK with the Sunday Telegraph. He continues to write articles for various publications today.

Nick's TV work includes spells as a presenter on London News Network's 'London Tonight' in 1994 and 1995 and a sports presenter and relief main presenter in 1995 to 1996. He presented with the programme again between c. 2002 and 2004.

He has also presented many factual series for various TV channels, including an hour long documentary on global warming for the Discovery Channel and the ratings winning 'Sea To Source', following his journey up the River Thames. He has also covered rugby and football world cups with ITV.

Neil was a presenter on 'Westcountry Live' in the 1990s.

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Reporter for TWW in Bristol and then Westward TV who moved to TVS as a news presenter and reporter, and then returned to TSW in the mid-1980s. Since then, John has popped up as a reporter and presenter on several ITV stations, including HTV West, Carlton Central South, and Carlton Westcountry. Sadly, John died in 2000.
Long serving Westcountry TV news presenter and reporter who often anchored the half hour long lunchtime edition of 'Westcountry Live'. Now presenting on Sky News
Main anchor of the lunchtime half hour edition of 'Westcountry Live' in the late-1990s.
David joined TSW as an announcer in the mid-1980s and stayed with the company until its franchise ended in December 1992. He established a good knockabout rapport with sidekick Gus Honeybun and was a main presenter of TSW's various 'Telethon' extravaganzas.

Since TSW went off the air, David has worked as a news reader and announcer at HTV West, and, later as the overnight news reader on Sky News. He is now controller of programmes at South Hams Radio in South Devon, where he also presents a show. He also appears from time to time on ITV 1 Westcountry.

News reporter and presenter for Central and TV-am before moving to Plymouth to front 'Westcountry Live' from January 1993. He left the station in 1997 to join Sky News' business team. He is now of the regular anchors on Sky News.
Long serving Westcountry Television reporter and news reader, originally for the North Devon sub-region and now in the Exeter based eastern sub-region.
Joining the station fresh from a post-graduate course in journalism, Katy Haswell was Westcountry's first 'Westcountry Live' co-anchor, presenting the programme with experienced hand David Foster from the beginning of 1993. A vivacious character, Katy went on to front news bulletins for London News Network and ITN's News Channel, and was the subject of a pictorial feature in lads' mag FHM.

Katy left Westcountry in late-1994 to pursue her national career and was replaced on the anchor set by Alison John.

Katy was an ITN newscaster on 'World News' and 'Morning News', September 1995 - 1996. She was also relief presenter on LNN's 'London Tonight' in December 1997 and presented the late night bulletins in July 1997 and since April 1998.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Jayne's early on-screen appearances for TV-am were as a news bulletin presenter. Later on, she became one of the station's main anchors, both on 'Good Morning Britain' and 'After Nine'. Jayne went on to present for various regional companies, including 'Westcountry Focus' for Westcountry Television, and also the Living satellite channel. In 1999, she presented the 'Cheating Hearts' strand on Talk Radio.
Image courtesy of Graeme Maver.

Westcountry TV news reporter and regional bulletin presenter. She also occasionally co-anchors the main nightly 'Westcountry Live' show.
(Brocklebank). Westcountry TV news reporter and main presenter of the station's eastern sub-region local news opt-out for several years from 1993. Sheila went on to join former Westcountry colleague David Foster as one of the main anchors on Sky News.
Loveable puppet lighthouse keeper and his seagull sidekick who read out children's birthday greetings on ITV 1 Westcountry.
Former newspaper journalist who has co-hosted 'Westcountry Live' since 1995, first with David Foster and later with Richard Bath.
Adrian Lane is Westcountry's reporter/news reader in the western Cornish sub-region.
Reporter and news bulletin presenter for Meridian in Southampton, who joined the station from Westcountry Television.
Westcountry TV news reporter and bulletin presenter in the Cornish sub-region for several years from the station's on air date in 1993.
Westcountry Television reporter and presenter who often covers politics for the company.
Sally began her professional career in the newspaper industry - with The Times and Sunday Telegraph. She then moved to radio, working for Swiss Radio International in Bern.

She then returned to the UK and joined Westcountry TV as a reporter and presenter for 'Westcountry Live'.

In 2004, Sally joined ITV Central's 'Central News' (South), where she is a reporter and presenter.

Helen presents the regional round-up in the South of the Westcountry region.
Gregarious Westward Television reporter and presenter in the 1960s and 1970s who has made a westcountry comeback with current frachise incumbents, Carlton Television. Andy could often be found on the 'and finally' beat, covering unusual, quirky, amusing and often politically incorrect stories for 'Westward Diary'. For a while, Andy could be seen on our screens 'up country' as one of the roving reporter/presenters for LWT's light-hearted Friday night news magazine programme 'The Six O'Clock Show'.
Carlton Westcountry's main weather presenter who took over the job from Ron Bendell who never really enjoyed the role.
Long serving Westcountry Television reporter and news reader, who has been based in Plymouth, Torbay and in Exeter over the years.
Allen's first television work was as a bulletin presenter and reporter with 'Westcountry News' from 1996. He later served as education correspondent. He is now a presenter and reporter with 'BBC South Today'.
Long serving Westcountry TV news reporter and familiar face as anchor of the station's Plymouth based southern sub-region new opt-out.
Westcountry TV journalist and producer who is best known to South West viewers as one of the anchors of the station's Sunday lunchtime news magazine and weekly round-up for the deaf, 'Westcountry Update'.
One of the few TSW reporter/presenters to make the move from Derry's Cross to Westcountry TV in Plymouth in 1993. Mark has fronted Westcountry's sports output ever since.
1990s Westcountry TV news reporter and news bulletin presenter who caused an international media sensation when she proposed to boyfriend, Mike, over the air at the end of one 1995 bulletin.
Peter is one of the presenters of Westcountry's Sunday news magazine 'Westcountry Update'.
Senior Westcountry TV sports journalist and presenter.
Westcountry Television news reporter and bulletin presenter in the station's early days from 1993.
Reporter and 'action girl' presenter for TSW's local news magazine programmes, who found her niche with community action type stories. Rene was always in her element during TSW's Telethons, and being very 'hands on' was often involved in various charity stunts. Still occasionally seen on Westcountry screens as a relief weather presenter on ITV Westcountry.