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Gaelic speaking presenter of Grampian Television's 'Telefios' Gaelic language news magazine in the 1990s.
Andrew Anderson worked for Grampian Television as a reporter and presenter of 'North Tonight' from February 1988 until October 1992. He went on to work for Reuters Television as the first Scotland correspondent for the fledgling breakfast TV company GMTV. He's now working for BBC Scotland news and current affairs.
Duncanson's first TV airing was as a continuity announcer on ABC Television, the weekend contractor for the North and the Midlands, in the early-1960s. He also regularly announced on Border Television in the 1970s. He went on to become the main anchor of Grampian's 'North Tonight' local evening topicality show through the 1980s and 1990s, although he has now retired from that job.
Alan was a news reporter and presenter with Grampian Television (1986 - 1990) and later Scottish Television (1990 - 1992). In 1992, he joined GMTV, becoming their first Ireland correspondent. He set up the station's Belfast bureau and reported on many major events in N. Ireland including the Shankill bombing, the Loughinisland and Greysteel massacres as well as the first IRA ceasefire.

In 1995, he became GMTV's senior correspondent, reporting on events such as the Dublane massacre and the death of Princess Diana. In 1999, he was appointed chief correspondent at the station. During his six years in that role, he covered major events such as the war in Bosnia and the Gulf War, reporting from Baghdad.

In 2005, Alan moved to the global television channel Al-Jazeera, where he is a senior correspondent.

Grampian Television reporter and presenter who regularly hosts 'North Tonight' and 'The People Show'. Pauline started her journalistic career in local newspapers.
Starting her career in local newspapers, Kirstin joined Grampian Television as a trainee reporter in 1995 and is now one of the main presenters of 'North Tonight'.
One of the main anchors of Grampian's 'North Tonight' programme who also fronts 'The People Show' and stands in on 'Grampian Midweek'.
Joan started in broadcasting at Radio Tay in 1982. She moved to Grampian in 1983 where she presented 'North Tonight' and various news documentaries. She moved into presenting politics and current affairs, hosting 'Crossfire' which she combined with establishing her own media company, The Fifth Business.

Joan left television shortly after the SMG takeover. She was the runner-up in Scottish Businesswoman of the Year 2000. Joan obtained an MA (Hons) in politics and jurisprudence from Dundee University and an MBA from Aberdeen University.

Presenter of 'Seven Days', the topical Sunday news magazine, which is networked across Scottish Television and Grampian Television transmission areas.
Grampian Television 'North Tonight' reporter and occasional news reader.
Main co-anchor of Grampian's 'North Tonight', and main presenter of the station's midweek current affairs show, 'Grampian Midweek' in the late-1990s and early-2000s.
BBC Scotland (1995 - present) and Grampian (1981 - 1995). Anne is the longest serving news and current affairs presenter in Scottish television. She started on 'North Tonight' with John Duncanson, moving to the opposition on 'Reporting Scotland' in 1995. She then went on to 'Westminster Live', 'Despatch Box' and Radio 4 in London. She is now a regular presenter on 'Newsnight Scotland' on BBC Two Scotland.
Norman MacLeod started his broadcasting career in BBC local radio and joined Grampian TV in 1987. Since then he has presented and reported for many Grampian news programmes including the main evening magazine 'North Tonight'.
Long serving Grampian TV news reporter and presenter. Donald went on to present BBC Two's 'Newsnight' programme during the 1980s.
David McKeith joined Grampian as news editor in 1992. He also reported and presented for the station but now spends more time producing the flagship 'North Tonight' news show as one of the station's programme and news editors.

Perth-born David is a BT Scotland Broadcast Journalist Of The Year runner-up. He began his journalistic career twenty years ago, reporting in Fife for the DC Thomson stable of newspapers. After spells as a senior reporter with the Sunday Post in Dundee and Glasgow, he made the leap to television news.

Presenter of Gaelic news bulletin, 'Telefios' on both Grampian and Scottish Television.
Barrie was an announcer and news reader for BBC TV Leeds in 1979. In 1980, he moved to Grampian TV in Aberdeen; he had much the same role there, being one of the line-up of staff announcers, who also read the news.

He left Grampian for a career in production and cut his teeth as a rookie TV director at Ulster Television at the height of 'The Troubles'. When his agent got him the job he was asked if he wanted the good news or the bad news first. As a director, he worked for various ITV companies on networked promotions, religion, childrens' programming and news.

Barrie later moved into management, setting up and running departments for a variety of new stations across Europe. He still dabbles in presenting and does voice-overs. Once while working as a news director at Central television he stood in for a news reader. The director on duty said he was impressed and suggested he had a go at it for a living! The same thing happened while on a course at the National Film and TV School. But, Barrie tells us, a return to the screen is not on the cards.

Barrie last updated us in July 2008, at which point he was director of operations for a national TV channel in Asia. And yes, he will be casting a critical eye over the presentation!
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Anne was a Grampian TV reporter, news reader and co-presenter of 'North Tonight' in the 1990s. She then joined BBC Scotland as a TV announcer/presentation director; she also announced and read the news on BBC Radio Scotland.

As part of cutbacks at BBC Scotland (c. 2006), TV announcers no longer perform announcing or news presenting duties on BBC Radio Scotland.

Selina started as journalist with DC Thomson in Dundee, and prior to joining Grampian TV in 1978, she was the publicity officer for the Isle of Bute. She presented on 'Grampian Today' (which became 'North Tonight' in 1980). However, Network ITV beckoned - she was head-hunted by ITN and joined 'News At Ten' in July 1981.

Poached by the BBC in 1983, Selina was part of the launch presenting team of the Corporation's new breakfast television offering, 'Breakfast Time'. A few years later she moved on to present other BBC programmes, including 'The Clothes Show'. She left the BBC in the early-1990s.

Selina returned to ITN for one night (September 20 2005), as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, to co-present the 'ITV Evening News'.

Grampian Television's main sports anchor. He originally joined the station in 1997 as a combined news/sports reporter.
Grampian Television reporter and presenter.
Long serving Grampian Television news presenter and reporter.
Grampian TV reporter, bulletin news reader, and frequent co-anchor of evening news magazine 'North Tonight'. Mark started his television career at Border Television in 1991, after several years on BBC Radio where he covered events such as the Lockerbie disaster. He was then poached by Grampian in 1993 to become one of the main presenters of 'North Tonight', where he remained until 1999. He is currently a reporter/presenter for Sky News.
Alastair's broadcasting career began at BBC Radio Derby in 1973 where he presented the breakfast programme. He later moved to Radio Leicester (1975) where he presented 'The Midday Show' and then on to BBC WM (1978) to host 'The Alastair Yates Show'.

Television roles included news reporting/presenting at BBC Midlands (1978 - 1980), 'About Anglia' (1986 - 1989), Grampian TV (1980 - 1986). Alastair was the first presenter to appear on Sky News when it launched in 1989; he remained there until 1991.

In 1991 Alastair became a regular face to viewers of BBC World Service Television, fronting the 'Newsday' programme. He remained with the channel when it was relaunched as BBC World in 1995, presenting the news and programmes such as 'Reporters', 'This Week' and 'Asia Today'.

Since it launched in 1997, Alastair has also put in regular appearances on BBC News 24, mainly fronting news programmes that are broadcast overnight but which are also broadcast to an international audience on BBC World.