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Co-host of 'Granada Tonight' until the programme relaunched under its original name 'Granada Reports', in 2001.
'Granada Reports' journalist and news reader who was one of the main presenters of the programme's successor, 'Granada Tonight' in the late-1990s.
Announcer with Granada from the late-1980s up to the late-1990s, where he still works, as the voice of' Stars in Their Eyes'. One of Granada's daytime news readers and also a reporter for 'Granada Reports'. In the 1990s, Andrew also narrated some of the later 'World in Action' documentaries. He can also be heard on radio commercial and corporate voice-over work.
Reporter and news reader for Ulster TV's 'Friday Sportscast' and then 'UTV Reports' in the early-1970s who moved to Granada later in the decade. After working on 'Granada Reports' as a reporter/presenter, Burns found national fame in 1977 as the host of the company's 'Krypton Factor' game show. The show had a successful eighteen year run.

In January 1997, he returned to the North West as host of the BBC's 'North West Tonight'.

Other TV radio credits include: 'World In Action' (Granada); 'Today' (BBC Radio 4).

One of Granada's sports team, who presents 'Soccer Sunday' as well as reporting for 'Granada Reports'. James also occasionally co-anchors 'Granada Reports'.
(Later Pamela Thomson). Pamela joined Granada as an on-screen announcer and newsreader in 1989. She went freelance in 1992 and worked in local TV and radio news (including back at Granada) as Pam Thomson, fitting her career around her family. Pam has a BA from Durham University (German) and a post-grad diploma in Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire.

Music is a big interest; she sings in a vocal group (Main Street) and plays and teaches piano.

Anglia Television reporter and presenter in the mid-1970s who moved to Granada Television at the end of the decade. There, she met Richard Madeley, and the couple later married, finding national fame as co-hosts of 'This Morning' on ITV which has run from 1988.

Currently, the couple present 'Richard and Judy' in an afternoon slot on Channel 4.

Announcer at Granada's northern transmission centre, from May 2000 to 28 October 2002. She joined as a trainee announcer, after graduating in Film, Media and Communication from Sheffield Hallam University. She was a regular promotional voice for the Wellbeing Channel and was also heard occasionally on regional promotions made in Leeds. Kerrie moved from announcing to weather presenting after regional continuity ended on ITV 1.
One of Granada Television's best known news anchors who hosted 'Granada Reports' in the 1970s, 1980s and first half of the 1990s (the programme title changed to 'Granada Tonight' in 1990). Greaves is also synonymous with the 'Granada Action' social and community affairs strand. In a similar vein, he also presented 'Scramble', Granada's local series for the unemployed and low-waged.

TTVRP contributor, Ian Halsall, wrote in with his memories of Bob: "From my memory of Bob Greaves when I lived in the North West, he became a bit of a cult symbol in the early-1990s. Known as 'Happening Bob' in true Manchester style, he jokingly sold himself on 'Granada Tonight' as a pop pundit. I remember t-shirts being available in selected high street record stores in Manchester of Bob's face with the above slogan similar to Sarah Lancashire (of Coronation Street Raquel fame) being sold on similar white t-shirts to say 'voulez vous couchet avec moi ce soir?'

"Bob is also renowned from an early 'It'll Be Alright On The Night' owing to an association with an elephant at Chester Zoo which tried to fondle a certain part of his anatomy with it's trunk - (on par with Yorkshire TV's Richard Whiteley and the legendary ferret!). Finally I also recall Bob side-by-side with former 'North West Tonight' anchor and local news rival Stuart Hall who left the BBC and regularly appeared on 'Granada Tonight' in the very early 90s doing a weekly piece 'Greaves And Hall'."

Granada Television news presenter in the late-1980s and early-1990s, fronting 'Granada Reports', 'Granada Tonight', and later the community orientated 'Granada Action'. After leaving Granada TV, Huntley branched out into a range of broadcasting related work, including media training for Bristol based BBS.
Now the undisputed Emperor of Daytime Television (although he left 'This Morning' (ITV) to front an evening programme for Channel 4), Richard Madeley cut his television teeth at Border TV and then Yorkshire Television as a reporter and presenter for 'Calendar'. He left YTV to join Granada Television's local news programme, 'Granada Reports', as a news reader and reporter, where he met fellow reporter/presenter and his future wife, Judy Finnigan. The couple were soon catapaulted to national fame when Granada picked them to front its new morning magazine show, 'This Morning' in 1988, originally broadcast from Liverpool's Albert Dock, but from 1996, from London.
Granada TV's chief sportscaster on 'Granada Reports' and also presenter of 'Soccer Sunday' on Granada and neighbouring Border Television. Alistair also presented one season of HTV Wales' Sunday soccer programme in the mid-1990s.

Alistair is believed to have left Granada in 2006.

Co-anchor of 'Granada Reports' with colleague Lucy Meacock until May 2002 when the role was taken over by Tony Wilson.
Long running anchorwoman of 'Granada Reports' and its predecessor 'Granada Tonight' from the late-1980s to the present day.

Lucy also presented on 'London Plus' for the BBC in the 1980s.

Tony is a presenter on 'Granada Reports'.
Mark is a presenter with France 24. He presents in English and in French, fronting news, current affairs, business and sports output. He also hosts debates in French and in English.

Mark played a large role in France 24's first year, fronting rolling news coverage of the Saddam execution, hosting the French Presidential election three-hour special and broadcasting daily durnig the Rugby World Cup in French and English.

Other positions held during his career: presenter and reporter with Granada TV and HTV West; freelance reporter with HTV Wales; international news presenter on the ITV News Channel.

Speaking to TTVRP in December 2007, Mark commented, "My apprenticeship at Granada in Liverpool and Manchester taught me almost everything you need to know about television. I learnt so much watching and working with quality journalists like Bob Greaves and Elton Welsby..."

"Working with ITN took things to another level, and now I have a unique opportunity to shape a new channel and make a huge imprint on the world news map. And I get paid to live in Paris. C'est la vie!"

Mark has a BA (joint hons) from the University of Wales and a post-grad Journalism diploma from the University of Central Lancashire. Among his hobbies, Mark lists playing and watching football and rugby; he also plays for local teams where he lives in Paris.

The king of chatshows started his television career as a presenter and interviewer on Granada Television in the 1960s. He was on air on the station when news of the assassination of President John F Kennedy first came in, and won acclaim for the professional way in which he handled the news at a time when simply handing over to ITN at the drop of a hat was not feasible.

Parkinson was a great supporter of Yorkshire Television when Granada was forced to cede its territory East of the Pennines to the new station from the 1968 licence period. After finding national fame as a chatshow host for the BBC, Parkinson was one of the founders of TV-am. He stayed on at the station to present 'Good Morning Britain' at weekends after a bloody boardroom battle purged the other founders from the station's management team.

Parky returned to national TV screens in the late-1990s with his 'Parkinson' chatshow - on the BBC initially. The programme migrated across to ITV 1 in 2005.

One of Granada's daytime bulletin news readers and also a reporter for 'Granada Reports'. So also presents Granada's monthly 'Crimefile' programme.
Bob's career began at the Manchester Evening News, where he was a darkroom assistant initially, later progressing to the post of photographer. He then moved to a similar role at the Manchester Guardian. In 1974, he joined Granada, where he presented 'Granada Reports', 'Granada Tonight' and the long-running countryside programme 'Down To Earth'. He retired in the mid-1990s but continued to put in appearances on-screen.

Bob died on July 31 2006.

Dan started off as a sports reporter at Key 103 radio in Manchester in September 1999. He later moved into television, first with Granada TV and from c. 2004, BBC North West. He currently presents the sports segments on 'North West Tonight'.
Former national ITV Sport broadcaster and reporter who joined the Granada Tonight team as chief sportscaster in the mid-1990s. He left the company and now hosts a soccer show on Century FM in the North West.
Entertainment, music, current affairs, business, news and local topicality programme presenter for Granada TV throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Wilson has also made several forays into national television, at one time hosting the music show 'So It Goes' and a part networked arts show 'The Other Side Of Midnight', and a later series of the networked 'JobWatch'.

Wilson also achieved fame as part owner of the Hacienda Night Club in Manchester, and through his record label, Factory Records, he was the man behind Joy Division and New Order.

Wilson was the subject of the film '24 Hour Party People' in which he was portrayed by comedy actor Steve Coogan.

In June 2002, Anthony Wilson returned to the anchor's chair at 'Granada Reports' after a 15 year break.