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Lisa is probably best known in her role as anchor on Sky News, where she worked from 1993 until Autumn 2005. She began her television career at BBC West television in 1984, working on their regional news programme. In 1985, she switched sides, moving to HTV West as a reporter and presenter, where she remained until c. 1988. She then moved to TV-am, initially in a reporting role, but later becoming a news presenter, taking over from Gordon Honeycombe. Following the demise of TV-am, Lisa worked briefly for BBC World Service Television and the NBC Superchannel before moving to Sky News.

In September 2005, Lisa returned to Bristol where she is now one of the regular co-anchors on ITV West's 'The West Tonight'.

Tanya graduated from Oxford with a degree in metallurgy and the science of materials.

Her broadcasting career began in 1993 when she became a business and political reporter for CNBC Europe; she also presented 'The Moneywheel' and 'FT Business Tonight' there.

Later Tanya presented a nightly business news programme for Sky News; at CNN International she reported from the London International Financial Futures Exchange. She also worked for London based News Direct Radio 97.3.

Tanya joined the BBC in 1998. She has worked as a reporter and presenter for 'Working Lunch' and was also the regular business presenter and occasional main co-presenter on BBC One's 'Breakfast'.

Since 2001, she has been a regular business presenter on BBC World and BBC News 24. She has been the New York based presenter for 'World Business Report' since 2005.

Alison - a trained journalist - was one of the launch presenters on the ITN News Channel in 2000. In 2003, she moved to Sky News where she presented on the 'Sunrise' programme. CNN International was the next stop for Alison; she took up a presenting job there in 2004.

However, not long after switching to CNN, Alison was arrested outside a restaurant with James Hewitt, with whom she was in a relationship at the time. They were accused of being in possession of cocaine. Alison was later released without charge. Following adverse publicity in the press, Alison was forced to resign from her job.

She later turned up as a radio presenter on LBC, occupying various timeslots before being allocated a regular Friday night show. The programme came to an end in April 2006 but Alison continues to act as a fill-in presenter at the station.

In late-2004, Alison launched Global Media - a training programme for students hoping to get into broadcasting.

Anna has a degree in geography from Oxford University. Following her graduation, she opted for a career in journalism and spent a year with Granada Television as a researcher. She then took a post-graduate course in journalism in Cardiff.

In 1991, she joined BBC North as a radio and TV reporter; later, she presented on 'Look North'. In 1995, Anna moved to Sky as a reporter. She later turned to presenting and has fronted all of Sky's major news programmes at some point. During her time with Sky she has covered many major events such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Kosovo conflict and the death of Princess Diana.

Anna is still one of Sky's main news presenters.

Frank was a presenter on BBC North East's regional news programme from 1962 until 1964.

The former BBC TV 'Grandstand' and 'Breakfast Time' anchorman joined LWT in the late-1980s to present 'Six O'Clock Live', the company's flagship news programme introduced as a response to the IBA's concern about its previously poor local news output.

This news programme was complemented by 'LWT News' through the rest of the weekend. Frank also did a stint as presenter of TV-am's 'Good Morning Britain'. He also worked for Sky News in the early days where he presented 'The Frank Bough Interview', and also presented the Rugby Union World Cup on ITV in 1991.

He presented shows on LBC radio in the mid-1990s. His most recent TV appearance was a guest appearance on the 'Grandstand' 40th anniversary special.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Ana graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 1997, with a BA Hons in broadcast journalism. She spent three years with Children's BBC (1998 - 2001), presenting the links between the programmes. She then moved to a reporting job with BBC Three's 'Liquid News' and also became a radio presenter with LBC.

Since 2005, Ana has been presenting for Sky News.

Adam Boulton is a Sky News reporter/presenter.

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Lindsey Brancher is a presenter on BBC World News. Her BBC career began in 1991 at the long of the channel.

Lindsey career in journalism began back in 1982 as a trainee newspaper reporter in north London. In 1988 she became an assistant producer in the news department of London Weekend Television before moving to Sky News at its launch in March 1989.

Colin joined Sky News in 1997 as a reporter. He is now a presenter on Sky News. Previously, Colin worked as a reporter with BBC News and ITV News.

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Sean is a former Sky News and 'Westcountry Live' presenter. He later became a reporter for BBC national news.

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Lukwesa was a broadcast assistant at the BBC Weather Centre at Television Centre in London. She moved to BBC 'East Midlands Today' where she presented the weather and eventually moved on to become the anchor of the lunchtime edition of the programme as well as stand-in co-presenter for the main evening programme.

C. 2005, Lukwesa moved to Sky News as a presenter.

Kay's professional career began at the Evening Post and Chronicle in Wigan, where she was a reporter. Later, she worked at Tyne Tees Television before joining TV-am in 1985, as a reporter and occasional news reader. From 1987 she presented TV-am's first hour, filling in for Caroline Righton and covering Anne Diamond's maternity leave.

She moved to the then fledgling Sky News in 1988.
Image courtesy of Graeme Maver.

Stephanie's broadcasting career began with BBC Northern Ireland in the mid-1980s where she presented a movie review programme, 'The Video Picture Show'. She later became a news presenter with Sky News.

By the late-1990s Stephanie was freelancing and has turned up presenting the news on GMTV and BBC News 24.

Scott was a presenter on Sky News in the 1990s. He later presented the Channel 5 breakfast programme '5 News Early' from 1997.

In 2005, Scott presented the early-morning weekday segment on the ITV News Channel.

Steve's first broadcasting gig was as a presenter on The Children's Channel. His desire to enter journalism took him to cable TV and a role as a news presenter. Presenting jobs at Chelsea and Manchester United football club TV channels followed.

His big break came when he got a position as a presenter on Sky News and Sky Sports News.

In January 2002, he became a sports presenter on BBC 'Midlands Today'. By 2004, he had moved to present the news on 'Central News' (East).

Peter is a former Sky News and BBC News 24 presenter.

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Stephen was a presenter with Sky News and CNN for 12 years. From 2000 until 2005, he presented the news on BBC World and occasionally on BBC News 24. He also presented the BBC's technology programme 'Click Online' from 2000 until 2005. In December 2005, Stephen announced that he would be joining Al-Jazeera International.
Angela is a presenter on Sky News.

Previous broadcasting jobs include: reporter, ITV News; news reader, GMTV.

BBC Radio 4/BBC Radio 2 announcer 1980 - 1982 and in 1987. 'Breakfast Time' presenter on BBC Bristol's 'Points West', 1983 - 1988. Moved to London as BBC TV news reader on 'News Afternoon' and 'News View' in August/September 1983 and from March until May 1988.

She was an original member of the Sky News presenting team from February 1989.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Brian has a BA degree in English and economics from University College, Galway. He started his career as a researcher at RTÉ in Athlone before heading on to the Midlands-based local radio station Radio Three as a reporter. He later moved to LM/FM radio in the North East of Ireland, where he was a news editor.

In 1998, Brian crossed into television, joining TV Three at its launch. He worked there as a news producer and senior reporter initially. In September 1999, he became a news presenter on the channel's new breakfast programme, 'Ireland AM'.

Brian then moved across to Sky News where he was Ireland correspondent. In June 2006, he was appointed as one of the main presenters on the Sky News Ireland service.

Steve has a BA (Hons) in broadcast journalism from Nottingham Trent University. Whilst at university he worked as a presenter and journalist at various local radio stations, including Trent FM, Gem AM and RAM FM.

In 1996, Steve joined ITN, where he produced the 'ITN World News' and 'ITN Morning News'; he also presented on the 'ITN World News' for NBC Superchannel. In 1997 he joined Channel 5 News where he was a presenter, reporter and programme editor.

In 2000, Steve moved to Sky were he is now one of the main anchors in the daytime schedule. Since 2005, he has also become involved with 'Five News' (produced by Sky News).

Long serving Westcountry TV news presenter and reporter who often anchored the half hour long lunchtime edition of 'Westcountry Live'. Now presenting on Sky News
Julie first dabbled in broadcasting whilst still at school. She produced interviews and reports for local radio; this continued throughout her time at university.

Julie graduated with a BA Hons Degree in English from Newnham College, Cambridge. Her degree under her belt, she joined the BBC's graduate journalist trainee scheme.

Her first TV job was at BBC Midlands where she presented on the evening edition of 'Midlands Today'. She gained valuable training as a journalist whilst there as well as experience in production, reporting and editing.

National fame came with her arrival on BBC 'Newsround' in 1994. Later, in 1997 she presented two BBC holiday programmes - 'Holidays Out' and 'Holiday '97'.

In the late-1990s, Julie was a reporter on the BBC Knowledge programme, 'Culture Fix'. She was presenting on 'Breakfast News' and BBC News 24 by the early-2000s.

In February 2002, Julie moved to Sky News. In late-2007, it was confirmed that Julie would move to ITV News. The following January, she was co-presenting a relaunched 'News at Ten' with Sir Trevor McDonald.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

David joined TSW as an announcer in the mid-1980s and stayed with the company until its franchise ended in December 1992. He established a good knockabout rapport with sidekick Gus Honeybun and was a main presenter of TSW's various 'Telethon' extravaganzas.

Since TSW went off the air, David has worked as a news reader and announcer at HTV West, and, later as the overnight news reader on Sky News. He is now controller of programmes at South Hams Radio in South Devon, where he also presents a show. He also appears from time to time on ITV 1 Westcountry.

(Formerly Helen Morton). Helen's broadcasting career began with a national news agency at the age of 18. She went on to become an editor, reporter and presenter with Sky News.

In 1997 she joined GMTV where she was showbusiness correspondent and later US correspondent. In 2002 she moved back to the UK to present the BBC regional news programme in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, 'Look North'.

Two-and-half years later, Helen returned to Sky. Helen is currently a relief presenter for Sky News and 'Five News'.

News reporter and presenter for Central and TV-am before moving to Plymouth to front 'Westcountry Live' from January 1993. He left the station in 1997 to join Sky News' business team. He is now of the regular anchors on Sky News.
Juliette started her broadcasting career as a reporter at BBC Radio London in 1986. She was a researcher at BBC Manchester in 1987 and a trainee TV reporter with the BBC Asian, Afro Caribbean Reporters’ Trust from 1988 - 1990. Also during this time she was a journalist and regional reporter for TV-am.

From 1992 until 1995 she held various roles: reporter, 'Dispatches' and 'The Brief' (Channel 4); researcher/programme presenter (BBC Radio 5); producer (Associated Press Television); reporter (Carlton Television); news presenter (BBC World Service Television).

In 1996, she moved to Bloomberg TV where she was an anchor and producer.

Since 2001, Juliette has been a news anchor on Sky News.

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Carrie has worked as a presenter on various UK networks, including: BBC News 24, ITV News Channel, Five News, Sky News, Sky Sports.

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(MBE). Bob left school in 1953 at the age of 15, with no qualifications. However, that proved no obstacle to establishing himself in journalism. He started as a reporter with the Kent and Sussex Courier in Tunbridge Wells and later went on to freelance for various national newspapers.

In 1969, he joined the BBC working initially as a reporter based in Northern Ireland, where he witnessed the early days of the Troubles. After a brief stint in Vietnam, he was posted to Australia in 1973; he was the BBC's first correspondent there. In 1977, he became the BBC's Tokyo correspondent and by 1983 he had moved to the States as Breakfast Time's New York correspondent.

Bob joined Sky News in 1989, where he remained one of the channel's main news presenters until his retirement in October 2003. His final shift with Sky News was on Thursday 23 October 2003; he co-presented with Vivien Creegor on the 9pm - midnight shift. He collected his MBE on 29 October 2003.

Kate started her broadcasting career as a reporter with BBC Radio Oxford before moving to ITN as a trainee journalist in 1994. She then moved to 'Central News' as a production journalist, reporter and news presenter. In 1995, Kate joined Meridian Broadcasting, and spent two years as one of the main presenters of 'Meridian Tonight'. After leaving Meridian, she has presented for BBC News 24 and Sky News. She currently is a main presenter and news reader for GMTV.
David's journalistic career began in 1972 as a reporter with F. Johnston newspapers. In 1976, he moved into broadcasting, becoming a reporter and news reader with Radio Forth in Edinburgh. He moved to BBC Scotland in 1978, where he was a reporter and presenter. In 1981, he took up a similar position with Scottish Television.

In 1986, David moved to ITN as a reporter. The newly launched Sky News beckoned in 1989, where he was an anchorman and foreign correspondent. From 1996 until 1998 he worked as a freelance PR consultant/broadcaster. Since 1998, David has been working as a presenter/reporter with ITV Meridian.

Among his career highlights: covered the Tiananmen Square uprising; based in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for three months covering 'Desert Shield'; covered the fall of the Berlin Wall; based in New York and Washington covering AIDS-related stories; as an anchorman, he has covered countless 'live' breaking news stories from the studio - sometimes for hours on end.

Awards: Royal Television Society award for a series of reports on the spread of AIDS; TRICS award for an investigation into AIDS; Metropolis Prize (Paris) for best documentary (heroin addiction); Broadcast Journalist of the Year and Campaign of the Year - Shepherd Neame awards; BT award for regional journalism.

Other information: in 2008, David set up his own PR company - Glencorse Communications Ltd, based in London. He offers consultancy - including crisis management and media training - to a diverse range of clients.

David is married to Penny McDonald, managing director of Europe's biggest and most successful showbiz/music PR agency, the Outside Organisation.

Jonny was a sports reporter with BSB from 1990 to 1991. From 1997 until 2001 he was a sports/news presenter at Channel 5. He then moved to ITV Sport as a football presenter; he remained in this role until 2003.

However, during 2002, Jonny was also a football narrator for Channel 4's 'Football Italia' and a football reporter for Prem Plus.

Since 2008, Jonny has been a news commentator for Sky News, where he reviews the newspapers and provides comment and analysis on sports events at weekends.

Alison Holloway started her television career amazingly young at the age of 17 as a continuity announcer and news reader at Westward Television. She was soon poached by HTV West in Bristol, at first joining the company as a reporter/presenter, but eventually graduating to co-anchor HTV News with veteran news reader Bruce Hockin.

Holloway remained with the station through most of the 1980s, combining her news duties with presenting many other local programmes for HTV West, including the 'Good Neighbour Show' and the networked 'Animal Express'. She left to join the newly-formed Sky News as one of its main presenters, but didn't stay for long, and for a while kept a low profile.

She re-emerged in 1993 as co-presenter of 'Meridian Tonight' from Maidstone, but after a short while left the company and the country for a new life in Los Angeles, where she still now lives. She was briefly married to comedian Jim Davidson, having met him whilst interviewing him for the entertainment slot on 'HTV News'. A whirlwind romance and wedding followed, but the marriage soon ended in acrimony, well documented by the tabloid press.

(Brocklebank). Westcountry TV news reporter and main presenter of the station's eastern sub-region local news opt-out for several years from 1993. Sheila went on to join former Westcountry colleague David Foster as one of the main anchors on Sky News.
Tina was a presenter with BBC 'Points West' in 1982. In 1983, she joined Thames TV as news reader, becoming one of the main anchors there in 1985. She left Thames in 1985.

She later moved to Sky News to present the Wild West End strand within 'Live at Five'.

Anna began her professional career as the editor of a business magazine in the late-1980s. She joined the BBC in 1992, working initially as a senior producer in the BBC's business department. During her time there she also edited and reported for 'Business Breakfast' and 'World Business Report' in London and New York.

She joined BBC World as a presenter in 1996 and switched to business presenting on BBC News 24 at its launch in 1997. In 1999, she presented 'Business Breakfast' and later that year reverted to a news presenting role on BBC News 24.

In 2005, Anna left the BBC and joined Sky News as a presenter.

Gillian did a post graduate in journalism at City University. Her first broadcast job was with BBC 'North West Tonight' in 1991. She previously worked at BBC Pebble Mill whilst studying for her degree.

She later became a radio reporter and producer with Radio Merseyside. In 1998 she moved to London, and took up a post as news reader with BBC Radio 1.

By the late-1990s, Gillian was presenting on BBC 'Newsroom South East'. Subsequent roles included presenting on BBC 'Breakfast' and BBC News 24.

In 2005, Gillian moved to Sky News where she is a presenter.

Natasha has an Oxford degree in English and after leaving university worked as part of Neil Kinnock's advisory team. She joined Meridian TV in 1997 and after a spell reading the breakfast bulletins for the South East, rapidly moved to a main presenter's role on 'Meridian Tonight', the station's evening news programme from Southampton.

In 1999 she joined LNN to present 'London Tonight' alongside Alastair Stewart. She also presented the daytime version of the programme 'London Today' as well as LWT's live Sunday morning current affairs programme 'Seven Days'.

In 2000, Natasha moved to Sky to host 'Live At Five' for Sky News. The BBC was the next stop in 2002, where she replaced Sophie Raworth on 'Breakfast'.

In 2004, Natasha took part in the BBC 'Strictly Come Dancing' programme. She and dancing partner Brendan Cole went on to win the competition. She co-hosted the second series of the programme with Bruce Forsyth.

March 2005 and Natasha is named Newcaster Of The Year at the TRIC awards (Television and Radio Industry). In August 2005 she married investment banker Justin Bower.

Natasha moved to the BBC 'Six O'Clock News' in Autumn 2005 replacing Sophie Raworth who had gone on maternity leave. In spring 2006, Natasha was confirmed as a permanent presenter on the programme, following the announcement that Sophie Raworth was to move to the 'One O'Clock News' on her return from maternity leave, taking over from Anna Ford who retired from news presenting in April 2006.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Allan was one of the main news readers on Independent Radio News; he also presented a range of programmes on LBC radio. In 1990, he joined BSB as a news presenter.

Following the closure of the BSB channels, Allan moved on and was appointed head of news at London radio station Melody FM in 1991.

He has also presented on 'The Channel 4 Daily' and for London Weekend Television.

In 1993, he moved to Sky News as a presenter. Allan is still with the channel and is one of their main presenters.

Allan is the managing director of Group K Broadcasting Ltd (link below), a consultancy specialising in media training.

Sports presenter and reporter for 'Scotland Today' who joined the station after working on radio and on Sky News.
Dan is a presenter on Sky Sports. Previously, he has worked as a presenter for Sky News and Channel 5 News.

We have no further information on this presenter at present. Presenters are encouraged to update their online profile by providing details via our Profile Submission mechanism.

Since her broadcasting career started in the late-1980s, Sarah has worked for many national and local TV outlets in the UK. A lot of her work is done on a freelance basis.

Career highlights include: presenter/reporter, 'BBC Newsroom South East' (1991 - 2001); anchor, 'Meridian Tonight' (1998 - 2000); news reader, GMTV (2000/2001); anchor/business presenter/reporter, Sky News (2000/2002/2003/2006); business presenter/reporter, BBC News 24 (2001 - 2003).

A more detailed treatment of Sarah's career can be found at her website - link below.

Lyddon cut his teeth at HTV West in the early-1980s and returned to the company to co-host a relaunched 'HTV News' and then 'ITV West News' with Jenny Hull, after a national television career, spanning TV-am and Sky News.
One of the main co-presenters of 'Central News' in the West Midlands, and also a regular weekend news reader for Sky News.
Carole is a former Sky News presenter. She is now a Sunday Mirror columnist.
Chris was one of the original team of presenters with Sky News in 1989. He was sacked from the company in March 1993 following a newsroom brawl with another Sky News presenter, Scott Chisholm. He claimed that he had recieved no warnings, either verbal or written from Sky and subsequently instructed his solicitors to sue Sky for damages arising from his dismissal.

Chris later worked for Independent Radio News.

Presenter, BBC TV's 'Nationwide', 1980 - 1983 and 'South East At Six' in 1983. BBC TV relief news reader in November 1985, August until October 1986, and June 1988 until March 1993.

He was also a news reader and presenter, 'Breakfast Time' in 1989; presenter, 'Breakfast News', 1989 - 1992. He left to join Sky News in 1993.

In 1998 he became Director of Public Affairs working to Mohammed Al Fayed at Harrods. More recently he presented BBC South East's 'South East Today' from 2001 - 2002.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

A reporter for BBC TV News, and then a news reader from July 1979 until July 1980, and in February and October 1987. He was a special correspondent, 1983 - 1988, and was on duty on Bank Holiday Monday in August 1979 when Earl Mountbatten of Burma was murdered by the IRA.

News reader, BBC TV's 'Breakfast Time' in 1984 and 1985. He was one of the original members of the Sky News presenting team from February 1989 until February 2000.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Tim studied medieval and modern history at Birmingham University. Whilst there, he worked part-time for BBC Radio WM.

On completing his university studies, Tim joined cable TV station Channel One in 1994 as a video journalist. In 1997, he moved to Sky News where he spent five years as a reporter, including two years as its Los Angeles correspondent.

The BBC was Tim's next stop, in 2002, where he worked initially as a reporter for 'Liquid News'. Since 2004, he has been a reporter for 'Breakfast'. He also fronts the news on BBC News 24 and BBC World occasionally.

Hazel has attended courses at the Meteorological College at Bracknell, and also has a first class degree in Mathematics.

She was the voice of Capital Radio's 'Flying Eye' traffic updates from 1987 until 1993. She did the afternoon/evening slot for several years with David Jensen, Graham Dene, Mike Read, and when she sat in for Russ Kane, with Chris Tarrant.

She then moved to Sky News, where she presents the weather.

Bill's broadcasting career began with BBC Northern Ireland in 1981. He worked in radio initially but two years later he moved into television. In 1987 he moved to the BBC in London, reporting on the Iran/Iraq war for 'Breakfast Time'. Two years later, he switched to Sky News as a reporter/presenter, where he stayed for six months before joined ITN.

At ITN, he was Washington correspondent (1991 - 1997), then Europe correspondent (1997 - 2002). In 2002 he was appointed international editor. Since c. 2002, Bill has also presented some of the main news programmes on ITV News from time to time.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Kevin started his career as a traffic news broadcaster for AA Roadwatch in Cardiff, and was head-hunted by BBC TV Wales as a news presenter. He later moved to HTV Wales as one of several main presenters for the local news programme there.

After moving across the Severn to Bristol, he stayed with HTV West's 'HTV News' for five years, but the programme changed its presenter line-up in autumn 2001. He went on to become a regular presenter for HTV West's 'Out of Order' consumer programme, and also presented news bulletins on Sky News and Meridian, as well as hosting his own Saturday morning show on Somerset's Orchard FM.

In August 2002, Kevin Owen moved to Jersey based Channel Television as one of the main anchors of the nightly 'Channel Report' programme.

Kevin is currently a presenter with news channel Russia Today.

Career outline:
• BBC 'Wales Today' - presenter (1988 -1995).
• BBC Radio Wales - breakfast (1988 - 1995).
• HTV 'Wales Tonight' - co-presenter (1995 - 1996).
• Soundwave (Swansea) (1995 - 1996).
• HTV 'West Tonight' - co-presenter (1996 - 2001).
• Swansea Sound (1996 - 1997).
• Orchard FM (Taunton) (1996 - 2001).
• Sky News - presenter (2001 - 2002).
• 'Channel Report' - co-presenter (2002 - 2004).
• Sky News - presenter (2003 - 2005).
• BBC World Service 'World Briefing' (2004 - 2006).
• RT (Moscow) - anchor (2005 - present).

Martin has presented the news on Five (Early-2000s), BBC News 24 (2002 - 2003) and Sky News (2003 - present).

He also fronted the lifestyle magazine show 'Five News At Breakfast'. He has reported for ITN and worked as a political reporter for the BBC’s 'On The Record'.

Anjali was educated in Hong Kong and at London's City University. She has a BA Hons degree in sociology and media studies.

Anjali's broadcasting career began at Hong Kong's Wharf Cable Television where she was a producer and reporter. She then worked for Channel 7 Australia's 'Today Tonight' programme before returning to Hong Kong to take up a position with Star TV. She was the principal presenter and reporter for its acclaimed current affairs programme, 'Focus Asia'.

In July 2004, she moved to the UK and became a presenter with Sky News and Five News. She presented the overnight news on Sky initially but graduated to daytime shifts within two months. By early-2005, she was also presenting 'Five News', produced by Sky News.

She joined CNN in Hong Kong in January 2006 and co-anchors the evening news and business programme, 'World News Asia'.

Joanna was a weather girl on HTV West until late-2001. One of Joanna's claims to fame was her frequent donning of various leather garments for her weather forecasts, leading one national newspaper to headline a profile piece on her as 'The Weather In Leather'.

Her first TV appearance was as a contestant on 'Blind Date', and she enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to pursue a career in broadcasting, initially as a researcher for London Weekend Television. She later worked at Sky, presenting the weather on Sky News.

Joanna left Sky to have a baby. She is currently doing voice-overs for various clients, including Bloomberg. The bulk of her work is still weather-related but she does have other clients and has voiced various advertisements and documentaries too.

Chris studied political science at Exeter University and in 1987 gained a post-graduate diploma in journalism at Cardiff University.

His career began as a reporter with local BBC and independent radio stations. He later joined ITN where he was a field producer, working in the likes of Afghanistan, Bosnia, India and Iraq. In fact, he lived in the Far East for four years.

In 1998, Chris joined Sky News, working initially as a reporter, covering major events such as September 11th and the wars in Iraq and Kosovo. He later switched to news presenting.

Chris' first reporting job was with BBC Five 5 youth programme 'Vibe'. He later presented for Buzz FM in Birmingham in 1990, Hallam FM in 1991 and then London’s Capital FM.

In 1994, he became the youngest ever presenter of the BBC's 'Newsround' programme. He later filed reports for BBC 'Breakfast', the 'Six O'Clock News', 'Nine O'Clock News' and BBC World Service.

After five years with 'Newsround', Chris moved to Sky News as a reporter. In September 2001, he became a regular presenter on the channel. He was on air when news of the terrorist attacks broke on September 11th.

In April 2002, Chris also presented on Channel 4's breakfast programme 'RI:SE', which was co-produced by Sky. He was back with Sky News during its coverage of the war on Iraq. He also presented on the 'Nightly News' programme for LBC 97.3 FM.

In 2003, Chris moved to ITV News, presenting five days a week on the ITV News Channel. He also presented some ITV 1 weekend bulletins. Since the closure of the ITV News Channel, Chris has switched mainly to reporting and presenting for ITV 1's 'London Tonight'. He also occasionally fronts the sports news on ITV 1's 'Nightly News'.

Chris can also be heard on BBC Radio 5 Live, mostly at weekends.

Gráinne's TV career began with T na G in October 1996 when she launched the new station's news service, with co-presenter Gillian Ni Cheallaigh. After two years with the Galway-based station, Gráinne moved to another new channel, TV Three. There, she fronted the station's main evening news programmes, with fellow co-anchor, Alan Cantwell.

In 2004, Gráinne moved to Sky where she helped launch the new Sky News Ireland service. In spring 2006, she moved to London briefly, presenting some of the main programmes on the national Sky News channel.

In May 2006. Gráinne left Sky News and moved to RTÉ, where, from autumn 2006 she presented a new afternoon lifestyle show. In autumn 2008, she presented 'Seoige', an RTÉ afternoon magazine series, with her younger sister Síle. The programme was cancelled in April 2009 due to what RTÉ referred to as "financial necessity".

In 2009, Gráinne began presenting 'The All-Ireland Talent Show' on Sunday evenings. She also became features editor for ITV's 'Daybreak' in 2010.

Barbara's broadcasting background includes a number of positions at the BBC, including a reporter/presenter/producer role with 'BBC London News', anchor of BBC Radio 5 Live's 'Euronews' and researcher on BBC Radio 4's 'Today'.

Barbara has also worked for CNN International.

C. 2003, she joined Sky News as a reporter. In 2005, Barbara became a presenter with 'Five News'.

Adam has an honours degree in economics. He started out as an actor, working with the Royal Shakespeare company.

His first broadcasting job was with the BBC, working on 'Watchdog' and 'That's Life'. He later worked for Japanese television as a reporter and presenter. He also worked at Sky as a business reporter.

He returned to the BBC as a business presenter on BBC World and 'Business Breakfast'. In September 1994, he became a presenter on the new daytime BBC Two business programme, 'Working Lunch'.

He has reported for the BBC from the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and Romania.

Adam has also presented BBC Radio 5 Live’s 'Wake Up To Money' and BBC Radio 4’s 'Financial World Tonight'.

He has written for a number of newspapers including The Independent, The Mail on Sunday and Metro. He has also written and co-authored a number of books: Political Rhubarb; Money And How To Make More Of It; Managing Credit; Investing Basics.

He won the Plain English Campaign Broadcaster Of The Year award for his work in simplifying the language used by business people. For two years running he was Proshare Personality Of The Year for his work in reporting on the world of shares and investments.

Samantha did a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism at City University in 1994. She started as a reporter for BBC local radio in Yorkshire. She then crossed over to TV, working for Channel 5 News in London as a producer.

In 1997, she joined the BBC, working initially as a producer on the newly launched BBC News 24. She later reported for 'BBC Breakfast' and BBC News 24.

C. 2004, she joined 'BBC London News' as a reporter and presenter. In 2006, Samantha moved to Sky News as a news presenter.

Chris is a sports presenter for Sky News.
Penny started her journalistic career as a reporter and features writer for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. Four years later she left to report and present for Radio Television Hong Kong.

Back to the UK by 1984 to a reporter/presenter role at Radio Trent. That was followed by a job as press officer at Central TV.

Her next career move took her to Border Television where she became co-presenter of 'Lookaround'. After a year she moved to Thames Television to co-present 'Thames News' with Andrew Gardner. She later joined Sky News as one of the most high profile faces in the channel's launch. For four years, Penny was the main anchor on Sky News 'Sunrise' and latterly, a presenter and producer of her own series of 'Action Adventure' news specials for Sky News.

In April 1993 she took up a presenting position with GMTV; she still works with the company today.

However, since 1994 she has also fronted LWT's 'Most Wanted' and has presented their hugely successful 'Crime File', 'Crime Net', 'Crime Weekly' and 'Crime Monthly' series. She also hosted Carlton Food Network's 'Superchefs' programmes, where Britain's top chefs competed before a live audience.

Charlie joined GWR in Bristol as a trainee reporter in 1985. In 1988, he moved to London to work for GLR as a reporter. He also worked for BBC Radio 5 Live, LBC and Capital FM. He switched to television in 1994, becoming a presenter on Live TV's morning show. In 1995, he was appointed entertainment editor with Independent Radio News - a role which involved reporting, producing and co-ordinating entertainment news for IRN and ITN.

In 1997, he became involved with the reporting team behind 'Five News'. In January 2001, he became one of the regular presenters on 'Five News'. Shortly after Sky News took over the production of 'Five News' in January 2005, Charlie resigned.

Since March 2005, Charlie has been operating on a freelance basis. In early-2006, he presented weekend editions of 'Breakfast' for the BBC. Later in 2006, he appeared as a news presenter on Sky News.

Occasional HTV West news reader who was also the company's Wiltshire reporter. He left ITV West to join Sky News in 2003 where is a reporter and occasional presenter.
Charlie started off in journalism as a reporter for the Hounslow Informer in the mid-1980s. Broadcasting beckoned and by 1988 he was working as a sports reporter at Capital Gold.

In 1990 he moved to Sky, whilst also freelancing for the likes of Screensport and IRN. During his time with Sky, Charlie has been a football reporter (1992 - 1994) and cricket reporter (1994 - 1999).

Since 1999 he has been presenting on Sky News.

Jeremy was a BBC 'Look North' presenter from 1974 until 77. He joined BBC TV News as North of England correspondent until 1982. He was a relief BBC TV news reader on 'News After Noon' from December 1981 unril January 1982.

Jeremy joined ITN as sports correspondent and was later Far East correspondent. He is currently one of the main presenters on Sky News.

In February 2006, Jeremy won the Royal Television Society's award for Presenter Of The Year.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Sasha was a Network BBC announcer from 1998 until 2003, her voice being heard on BBC One and BBC Two as well as BBC Prime and BBC Learning. In August 2003, she crossed over to ITV, where she announced on ITV 1, ITV 2 and ITV 3.

Sasha left ITV in early-2005, and in August 2005 she moved to Russia Today (a new 24-hour TV news channel, broadcasting worldwide) as a news anchor. A natural progression perhaps - Sasha is a fully-qualified broadcast journalist. She was also the launch anchor for the channel.

In April 2007, Sasha moved back to the UK, where she is now a regular face on Sky News.

Sasha started her career in radio. She worked as a DJ for several years at various local and regional radio stations. During her time in radio, she produced a wide spectrum of programmes, ranging from countless celebrity interviews to a week spent in orphanages and refugee camps in Bosnia during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

She was also a presenter for a national cable kids TV channel, dishing up a weekly talk show and a series of location-based programmes about life at university.

Sheffield born Anna Walker co-presented Yorkshire Television's 'Calendar' regional news magazine programme until 1989 when she left to front sports output for British Satellite Broadcasting. When Sky took over the company, many BSB staff were made redundant and Anna undertook freelance sports reporting duties for BBC television nationally, working on several events including the winter and summer Olympics of 1992.

She soon moved to Sky Television as a sports presenter, and currently also presents on the digital Wellbeing channel. Anna also hosted 'Good Morning Britain' for TV-am for a short spell before joining YTV.

Anna has presented on a number of other television programmes: 'Garden Challenge'; 'Big Strong Boys'; 'Garden Invaders'; 'Tomorrow's World' (BBC); 'Wish You Were Here' (ITV).

Michael's first experience of broadcasting came in 1984 when he worked for Richmond-Upon-Thames College radio on a voluntary basis. He also worked for AA Roadwatch, compiling and broadcastiing road traffic reports.

He anchored BBC Radio 5 Live's 'Morning Reports' programme for four years.

In May 1999, he joined Sky News, presenting the overnight news service. In April 2004, he announced that he was leaving Sky. In December 2004, Michael returned to Sky News, presenting on a freelance basis..

Since January 2004, Jonathan has worked as a news presenter for the BBC World Service. He has regularly presented the 'BBC World News', 'The African News' and programmes such as 'From Our Own Correspondent'.

Jonathan started in television in the early-1990s, working for the PBS station in Seattle (KCTS Television), presenting programmes and documentaries; he was also the main promotional voice of the station. After training as a news writer at Worldwide Television News, Jonathan presented various WTN documentaries, including the environmental series 'Earthfile' and a five hour programme about Nigeria.

For c. six years, Jonathan worked for ITV. Most of his time there was spent at HTV West as a news presenter and announcer (1994 - 1998). He presented the channel's lunchtime news, morning bulletins and the popular late news programme at 10.30pm.

Jonathan presented the weather for Meridian (1992 - 1993); he was also an announcer there and at HTV Wales (1993). He also presented on the Sky News overnight service for a period.

Grampian TV reporter, bulletin news reader, and frequent co-anchor of evening news magazine 'North Tonight'. Mark started his television career at Border Television in 1991, after several years on BBC Radio where he covered events such as the Lockerbie disaster. He was then poached by Grampian in 1993 to become one of the main presenters of 'North Tonight', where he remained until 1999. He is currently a reporter/presenter for Sky News.
Alec's broadcasting life started with local radio in Italy in 1994. During his career he has worked for various local radio stations; in television he has spent time at Central Television and Star Sports Asia. He has also reported from London on Sky Sport Italy, based in Milan.

Alec currently presents the sports news on Sky News.

Francis worked as a Met Office forecaster from 1972 until 1978 when he became a forecaster at Thames TV. In 1983 he moved to the BBC to become the main weather presenter on 'Breakfast Time', where computer graphics were used for the first time in weather forecasts on the BBC.

Francis remained with the BBC for ten years. He then switched to Sky, where he has been presenting weather bulletins ever since. Francis has won the title of Best Television Weather Presenter - Worldwide at the International Television Weather Forecasters Festival in 1995, 1997, 2000 and 2003.
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Alastair's broadcasting career began at BBC Radio Derby in 1973 where he presented the breakfast programme. He later moved to Radio Leicester (1975) where he presented 'The Midday Show' and then on to BBC WM (1978) to host 'The Alastair Yates Show'.

Television roles included news reporting/presenting at BBC Midlands (1978 - 1980), 'About Anglia' (1986 - 1989), Grampian TV (1980 - 1986). Alastair was the first presenter to appear on Sky News when it launched in 1989; he remained there until 1991.

In 1991 Alastair became a regular face to viewers of BBC World Service Television, fronting the 'Newsday' programme. He remained with the channel when it was relaunched as BBC World in 1995, presenting the news and programmes such as 'Reporters', 'This Week' and 'Asia Today'.

Since it launched in 1997, Alastair has also put in regular appearances on BBC News 24, mainly fronting news programmes that are broadcast overnight but which are also broadcast to an international audience on BBC World.