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Lucy's journalistic career began as a reporter with BBC local radio - BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester and BBC Greater London Radio. Her first TV job was with Anglia TV as producer. She soon moved on to reporting and presenting on 'Anglia News'.

She soon became a regular face on the ITV London regional news programme 'London Today' and was soon co-anchoring the early evening 'London Tonight' with Alastair Stewart.

Lucy later co-anchored the breakfast programme on the ITV News Channel with Andrew Harvey. In 2006, she joined Sky News.
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Faye's first broadcasting job was with EBN (now CNBC) in late-1996. She later presented for '5 News' (also carried out a reporting role there), ITV Yorkshire, the ITV News Channel. GMTV and ITV London.

Other TV projects: 'Package Holiday Undercover' (ITV 1); 'St Jimmy's' (ITV 1).

Joined ITN as a reporter in 1975. She was an ITN newscaster from 1982 until March 1989 and also between January 1991 and 1998.

Carol was a presenter on the 'Channel 4 Daily' from 1989 until 1990 and also appeared as a relief newscaster on Channel 4's 'The Big Breakfast' in 2001.

In 2003, she presented on the ITV News Channel during the early days of the Gulf War.

Carol returned to ITN for one night (23 September 2005), as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, to co-present the 'ITV Evening News'.
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Felicity started in radio in 1991; in 1994, she went freelance as a journalist, offering her services to various TV and radio companies.

In 1996, she moved to Meridian TV, where she was a sports reporter and presenter, fronting the sports news on 'Meridian Tonight. She also presented the local football programme there - 'A406'.

In 1999, she moved to London and became a presenter and reporter with 'London Tonight'.

Felicity joined ITV News in June 2001, starting as a sports correspondent. She later became a regular sports news presenter. Felicity also presented on the ITV News Channel and fronted ITV News bulletins on an occasional basis.

From September 2006, Felicity has been an anchor on Al Jazeera International.

Alison - a trained journalist - was one of the launch presenters on the ITN News Channel in 2000. In 2003, she moved to Sky News where she presented on the 'Sunrise' programme. CNN International was the next stop for Alison; she took up a presenting job there in 2004.

However, not long after switching to CNN, Alison was arrested outside a restaurant with James Hewitt, with whom she was in a relationship at the time. They were accused of being in possession of cocaine. Alison was later released without charge. Following adverse publicity in the press, Alison was forced to resign from her job.

She later turned up as a radio presenter on LBC, occupying various timeslots before being allocated a regular Friday night show. The programme came to an end in April 2006 but Alison continues to act as a fill-in presenter at the station.

In late-2004, Alison launched Global Media - a training programme for students hoping to get into broadcasting.

Adrian is a former 'Central News' and ITV News Channel presenter.

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In the early days of her television career, Lynda spent a brief period as a television announcer with BBC Northern Ireland - c. late-1980s. She went on to become one of the regular presenters of the BBC's local news programme in Northern Ireland, 'Inside Ulster'.

She later appeared on national screens, presenting alongside Rolf Harris on 'Animal Hospital' in 1996 and also filing reports for the 'Holiday' programme.

In 1996, Lynda defected to UTV, where she co-presented the main news programme with husband Mike Nesbitt until February 2006, when Mike left the station. Lynda still co-presents the programme.

In 2004, Lynda was an occasional presenter on the ITV News Channel; she also presented on ITV 1's 'London Tonight'. From November 2005 to 2008, Lynda presented her own show on Belfast radio station, U105.8.
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Having completed studies in journalism Claire moved straight into her chosen career in the print and radio industries; her radio work included spells with East Coast Radio and Channel 103FM in Jersey. After four years, she made the move into TV, working initially for TV Three before moving to Channel 5 and the ITN News Channel.

She returned to Ireland, in 2001, becoming a presenter with TV Three's breakfast show, 'Ireland AM'. Later Claire switched to anchoring the main news programmes on TV Three. In 2004 she was voted TV Personality Of The Year at the Irish Film and Television Awards.

Scott was a presenter on Sky News in the 1990s. He later presented the Channel 5 breakfast programme '5 News Early' from 1997.

In 2005, Scott presented the early-morning weekday segment on the ITV News Channel.

Rob joined BBC 'London Plus' in 1988. He was a presenter and reporter with the programme, later concentrating on sport. He remained with the BBC South East news programme until the early-2000s.

By c. 2001, Rob was freelancing and appeared as a presenter on many outlets, such as the ITV News Channel, Sky and BBC 'Midlands Today'.

He currently presents with Sky Sport.

Other TV projects: 'Notice Board' (mid-1980s, BBC); Turnabout (quiz show, early-1990s, BBC).
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Carrie has worked as a presenter on various UK networks, including: BBC News 24, ITV News Channel, Five News, Sky News, Sky Sports.

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1990s Anglia News journalist/presenter who moved to ITN where she presented on the ITN News Channel and on the 'ITV Early Morning News'.
Reporter, BBC Southampton's 'South Today', 1968 until 1976 and a presenter of the programme in 1988. He presented BBC Bristol's 'Points West' from 1976 to 1982. He was a BBC TV national news reader, July 1985 until October 1987 and between February 1988 until December 1997, appearing on the 'One O'Clock News', 'Six O'Clock News', 'Nine O'Clock News' and 'News View'. Also a presenter of BBC TV's 'Breakfast News' 1993 - TBC. More recently he has appeared on BBC News 24 and as one of the main anchors for the ITV News Channel.
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Joining the station fresh from a post-graduate course in journalism, Katy Haswell was Westcountry's first 'Westcountry Live' co-anchor, presenting the programme with experienced hand David Foster from the beginning of 1993. A vivacious character, Katy went on to front news bulletins for London News Network and ITN's News Channel, and was the subject of a pictorial feature in lads' mag FHM.

Katy left Westcountry in late-1994 to pursue her national career and was replaced on the anchor set by Alison John.

Katy was an ITN newscaster on 'World News' and 'Morning News', September 1995 - 1996. She was also relief presenter on LNN's 'London Tonight' in December 1997 and presented the late night bulletins in July 1997 and since April 1998.
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Sasha has presented on the ITV News Channel, ITV 1 summaries, 'ITV Morning News' and 'London Tonight'; she has also been a news reporter for ITV News and Sky News and a features reporter for '5 News'.

Sasha appears regularly on LBC radio as a commentator and guest.

She specialises in music, and also Chinese politics and history, and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Tyne Tees Television in-vision continuity announcer and news reader in the 1990s who moved to the anchor's chair on Sky News.

Since c. 2005, Jonathan has been back at ITV Tyne Tees, fronting regional news programme, 'North East Tonight'.

Jonathan also worked on Yorkshire TV's 'Calendar' and the now defunct Wellbeing channel - dates unknown. He also presented on the ITV News Channel in 2003 and 2004.

Bridgit's first broadcasting experience was as a producer on 'The Big Breakfast News' in 1997. Since 1999, Bridgit has presented various ITN productions, including Channel 5 news summaries, Channel 4 political programme 'Powerhouse', the ITN News Channel and 'Channel 4 News', where she remains a regular presenter.
Mark is a presenter with France 24. He presents in English and in French, fronting news, current affairs, business and sports output. He also hosts debates in French and in English.

Mark played a large role in France 24's first year, fronting rolling news coverage of the Saddam execution, hosting the French Presidential election three-hour special and broadcasting daily durnig the Rugby World Cup in French and English.

Other positions held during his career: presenter and reporter with Granada TV and HTV West; freelance reporter with HTV Wales; international news presenter on the ITV News Channel.

Speaking to TTVRP in December 2007, Mark commented, "My apprenticeship at Granada in Liverpool and Manchester taught me almost everything you need to know about television. I learnt so much watching and working with quality journalists like Bob Greaves and Elton Welsby..."

"Working with ITN took things to another level, and now I have a unique opportunity to shape a new channel and make a huge imprint on the world news map. And I get paid to live in Paris. C'est la vie!"

Mark has a BA (joint hons) from the University of Wales and a post-grad Journalism diploma from the University of Central Lancashire. Among his hobbies, Mark lists playing and watching football and rugby; he also plays for local teams where he lives in Paris.

Chris' first reporting job was with BBC Five 5 youth programme 'Vibe'. He later presented for Buzz FM in Birmingham in 1990, Hallam FM in 1991 and then London’s Capital FM.

In 1994, he became the youngest ever presenter of the BBC's 'Newsround' programme. He later filed reports for BBC 'Breakfast', the 'Six O'Clock News', 'Nine O'Clock News' and BBC World Service.

After five years with 'Newsround', Chris moved to Sky News as a reporter. In September 2001, he became a regular presenter on the channel. He was on air when news of the terrorist attacks broke on September 11th.

In April 2002, Chris also presented on Channel 4's breakfast programme 'RI:SE', which was co-produced by Sky. He was back with Sky News during its coverage of the war on Iraq. He also presented on the 'Nightly News' programme for LBC 97.3 FM.

In 2003, Chris moved to ITV News, presenting five days a week on the ITV News Channel. He also presented some ITV 1 weekend bulletins. Since the closure of the ITV News Channel, Chris has switched mainly to reporting and presenting for ITV 1's 'London Tonight'. He also occasionally fronts the sports news on ITV 1's 'Nightly News'.

Chris can also be heard on BBC Radio 5 Live, mostly at weekends.

HTV West's sports presenter in the early-1990s. By the mid-1990s Steve was working for ITN where his roles included North of England correspondent, West of England correspondent, Africa correspondent, Washington correspondent, foreign correspondent.

By the early-2000s, Steve had moved to a news reading role, initially on the ITN News Channel but later moving on to ITV news programmes.

Other radio/TV work: Radio West; GWR Radio; BBC Radio 5 Live.

Alastair's TV career began in 1976 with Southern Television, where he was a presenter and reporter.

He joined ITN in 1980 as industrial correspondent and moved into newscasting in 1981. He has presented virtually every ITV news programme at some point during his career.

Alastair was a presenter and reporter with 'Channel 4 News' in its early days. From 1983 he became involved in ITN's annual budget coverage programme for ITV; he was anchoring the programme from 1988. He co-anchored ITN's 1987, 1992 and 1997 General Election programmes. In 1986 he presented the 'ITN News At 5.40' on ITV. He had progressed to 'News At Ten' by 1989.

In 1993 Alastair became a regular presenter on 'London Tonight'; he is still with the programme at present.

In 1995 he presented 'Alastair Stewart's Sunday' on BBC Radio 5 Live. He later moved to GMTV where he hosted 'Alastair Stewart's Sunday Programme'; that programme continued until July 2001.

Alastair moved back to ITV News in 2003 to present coverage of the Iraq War on the ITV News Channel. He remained a regular face on the ITV News Channel until its closure in December 2005.
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Owen's journey into broadcasting began on a BBC News Trainee Scheme in 1987.

Roles held during career to date: reporter and presenter for 'London Tonight'; reporter and presenter with BBC Radio 1's 'Newsbeat'; presenter, the business news on BBC News 24 and BBC World; presenter, 'ITV Morning News' and the ITV News Channel.

Owen co-presented during the last hour of the ITV News Channel.

Tim was educated at Taunton School and St Chad's College, Durham University. His journalism career began in the newspaper industry in Fleet Street in 1993.

In the late-1990s, he was a presenter on the 'ITN Morning News'. He also presented weekend bulletins on ITV. He also made regular appearances as a presenter on the ITV News Channel until 2005.

In 2005, he joined the BBC as a presenter on BBC News 24. He also occasionally presents on BBC World.

Other TV projects: 'Paul Burrell - The Butler's Story' (Five); 'Di's Guys' (Channel 4); 'The Spencers' (Channel 4); 'After Diana - Remaking The Royals' (Five); 'Diana: Her Life' (ITV).

He has also had cameo acting roles in 'Sex Traffic' (Channel 4); 'State Of Play' (BBC); 'Jonathan Creek' (BBC); '102 Dalmations' (Disney); 'Clueless' (Paramount).